Earlier this month, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi purchased nearly $2.2 million worth of Tesla stock.

The latest disclosure of congressional financial information shows that Paul Pelosi has made tens of millions of dollars trading stocks through the years, while his wife has remained one of the most powerful politicians in this country throughout that time.


“Pelosi’s financial disclosure indicates that her husband purchased 2,500 shares of Tesla stock on March 17 — then worth nearly $2.2 million — by exercising call options at a strike price of $500 per share. The options were set to expire the next day, according to the disclosure. Tesla stock traded near $1,000 per share on March 23,” according to Business Insider.

“Tesla, which manufactures electric vehicles and solar panels, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to lobby the federal government, according to lobbying disclosures compiled by nonpartisan research organization OpenSecrets. Tesla’s CEO is Elon Musk, the wealthiest person on Earth, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index,” explained the report.

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley announced in January that he would introduce legislation to bar insider trading in Congress.

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  • Bull Schiff they will. What about her son's crimes? Thay seem to have fallen into the black hole of D.C. corruption.

  • The gop is the elephant wing of the new world order socialist party, merely mouthing to con people into voting for their own subjugation!!!!!  The few republicans worth keeping are kept away from significant roles by the globalist establishment TRAITORS like mcconnell, mccarthy, the rnc, etc.!!!!!!!!!!

    • And don't they know how dumb they look?  They strut around like peacocks.  Oops!  They are missing that which makes them cocks.  They are peahens!  In a crowd of one-world-order attendees, the RINOs would be looked upon by Gates, Soros, Schwaub and others as silly little peons.  Oh to see ourselves as others see is.  (an appropriate quote and author for globalists - BURNS)

  • NOVEMBER 2022- VOTE and SUPPORT The Only Chance To Change These People- The two things Politicians are afraid of is; 1.- NOT GETTING "RE-ELECTED". 2.- "DEATH" by the People that Elected them in the First Place THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THEIR ELITE RULE-!!! They Forgot Whom They WORK For-!!!

    • Robert, a 5-million people march on DC is basically what I have suggested.

    • John, stop talking about it and DO IT!!!!!!!!!!  Until you do more than "suggest" you are just spewing hot air, much like the gop establishment, trying to sound tough but doing nothing but blowing soi much more bullshiite that accomplishes nothing!!!!!  You criticize the Trucker Convoy but they are doing more than talking!!!!!!!!!!


    • I did not criticize them herein.  But I have in general because they had no "teeth," no way of achieving their goal.  It is too late to do the march now.  It would have been great with the truckers.  Too many TPP against me.  Maybe in a couple of months.  I do not know how or where to advertise the event.  Any ideas, Bob or others?

  • Must be nice to rip-off America and get away with it. First, institute policies to shut down the oil and gas industry thus making gas expensive. Second, manipulate the stock market based on the policies and invest in electric cars.  You get richer while the average American get poorer and suffer. Nancy and the democrats have no soul.

    • How perfect, spot on

  • What actions, GOP? A letter - won't do any good.  How about getting on with Josh Hawley's legislation to bar insider trading?  And then somehow removing Hag Pelosi for unethical practices.

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