• Screw these ORWELLIAN FREAKS!!!

  • The sodomites want to take over the world and define things to their homosexual life. God Help us.



  • remember - FEMINISTS hate women who desire to be a stay at home mom over a working / career woman

  • Biden is just a jerk.  He don't have a clue of what is going on.  It is time for the country to dispose of Biden and all of his minions that are America last and reinstalled President Trump that is absolutely, 100 percent America first.  These audits will finally set the record straight.  The democrat party  will be too ashamed of their leadership and the party will cease to exisit.  Which would give the Republican the one thing that the democrats wanted so badly.  A one party government.  They can be damn sure that they will never win another election.  

  • The birthing person is impregnated by the sperm donor and the product is then given to the government for indoctrination. Got it!

  • God help this nation

  • These are the ignorant people runnin our Country. Trump sure brought out their true intentions. 

  • This is so ridiculous.  A mother is more than just a person who gives birth to a child.  Hopefully, they nurture the children, they protect the children, they guide the children and teach them to grow into responsible adults.  The "mothering: only begins are birth.

    And if we are to call mothers "birthing parents", then what do we call fathers?  Sperm donators?

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