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  • He did what to you?  A bully only does what he does because you allow it!  Enter a suit against him.  Can't?  Have him arrested.  Can't?  I do not know what can be accomplished, but, if all else fails, just walk up to him and confront him and invite only AONN and/or Newsmax to your confrontation.  If he will not apologize, punch him in the face and announce: "That was for frightening my wife and family!"  After that, you might want to ask him a second time for a apology.

  • Sue the asshole.

    I am tired of politicians lying about people and getting away with it.

  • Fox just ran a clip of Pelosi spreading the lie. They let it go withput correction. Time to switch it off till Tucker and Shawn. I can't even look at Chris Wallace anymore.

    • I have not watched Chris Wallace and his stuffed ego since the 2016 debates!  Megan Kelly hung onto his coattails only to be fired while he remains to this day.  Speaking of fox, I hope Paul Ryan and his buddies, above and beneath, all get fired due to their disastrous ratings.  Rare that I watch fox news.  I watch Lou Dobbs and Margaret McDonald (The Edit) on Fox Business.  That is it.  Why are Sean, Laura, Judge Jeanine, and Mark Levin on their.  I guess their wallets are more important than their characters.  So, are they fakes trying to give accurate news/information.  Hello?

  • Democrats will probably try to get rid of her----by any means necessary 

    • Her?...................US!.......We need to be "cleansed".


  • They're all the same, they'll say or do anything to win. Remember Harry Reed and his false claim that Romney owed ten years in back taxes? His response three years latter "He didn't win did he".

    • The man should be hung. It's not to late yet!


  • Projection is a sickness with the left. That's how I know they just overthrew our country.They told me so,in Orwellian Democrat Lie Speak.

  • As long as the left/Democrat party wages their war of pettiness on to the American people, Representatives and Senators in Washington D. C. Who have "R or I" after their name will be picked out of the crowds and be shammed for actions they did not do, or for being apart of something they don't belong to.

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