• I never fire a "Warning Shot!" A "Warning Shot", is nothing but a " Locator" for your enemy. A Firearm is not a "Warning Sign" nor a "Letter of Legal Action" received, it is a serious last effort resort to protect the lives and property of you and yours from imminent deadly threat. It was "Idiot Biden" that once said "You only need a Shotgun. Go out on your deck and fire it in the air! The cowards will run away!" Evidently He hasn't watched the Street Shooting/Murder Daylight Rate Climb Lately!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • AR-15s would stop the onslaught.  No one has to be shot.  Shoot into the sky.  They will flee.  They are cowards.  Do not be a coward yourself.  You have God's given right to carry a gun and to defend yourself.  Do it!  The time for talk is mostly done.  

  • These Brown shirts will be showing up everywhere we try to speak. Feel the Totalitarian noose tightrning yet?.............The window is closing fast. Democrats plan on enslaving us BVEFORE the midterms. WAKE UP!!!................They'll be kiling us next!!!!

  • That's the question Caesar came up with, "Who shall guard the guards?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • These are Soros paid losers, pieces of 💩 living in mamas basement.

  • The Speaker of the House and her socialist party are responsible for the division in the country and it will get worse because We the People were born free and no government control our way of life,always remember "One Nation Under God With Justices and Liberty For All " and that's what the leftist socialist government want to take away from you.

  • Got to give them credit. They always seem to have a detachment of democrat protestors avaiable to disrupt any republican press briefing or gathering. The capital police won't step into the fray and most republican supporters are fraid they will be cast into jail if they do. Nanc has had plenty of practice at intimadation.

  • Why were the capital Police not there?  Who controls the capital police?  I believe nancy piglosi is in charge of them.

  • Where is the justice? 

    • Why aren't there armed guards at the entrances. Or is this mob ushered in like at the Capital on 1-6?

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