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First-term Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) said Wednesday President Trump has "tarnished" his legacy and has no future in Republican Party politics.

Speaking on Fox News, Mace, who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign, said the president and some of his GOP allies in Congress were directly responsible for inciting the mob that overran the Capitol. 

Mace was asked by Fox News host Neil Cavuto if she thinks Trump has a future in the Republican Party.

“I do not,” she replied. “I don’t know how you go forward and defend the indefensible. What happened last week was a national tragedy.”

Mace hailed what she described as Trump’s accomplishments on the economy, lowering taxes and developing a vaccine, but said he had “wiped out” everything good he has done and that the party must now separate itself from him. 

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  • "First-term Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) said Wednesday President Trump has "tarnished" his legacy and has no future in Republican Party politics."

    Yet another Nancy has screwed up the facts. The grand Old Party has no future in politics without Donald Trump.

    But actually, Trump is not the movement. Trump symbolizes the movement that the GOP has fallen so pitifully short of.

  • Nancy Mace. You're done.

  • Trump is the party not you and your idiots cowards in Congress so kiss your ass goodbye in two years 

  • I'm a former Independant. I decided to join the Republican party because the Independant party wasn't recognized, nor had access to enough info in politics. Ever since Trump declared his run in 2016 I have gotten handfulls of mail from the Republican party asking for donations not counting what I paid for my membership. I also have received countless survey questionaires about my opinions to fill out and send back, along with a donation of course. I feel I've done all I can do to help the party and my president Trump. Now I have witnessed the greatest crimes of all perpetrated upon an American political party and the people. To make it even worse the corrupt felons have been allowed to get away with it. But that wasn't enough of a hit. Now they will impeach the best president we've had in a very long time. One that actually listened to the wants and needs of the people both large and small, rich and poor, and every race. One that although persecuted the whole time in office kept doing his job. For the good of the people. Now I have learned of the ultimate insult that members of the party Trump represents have turned on him and stabbed him in the back. 

    I refuse to support the Republican party any longer. I won't run my credit card up again for a cause I believed in only to bear the insult of knowing my money has been wasted on these RHINOS. I have received the membership renewal for the Republican Committee, as well as one from Jeff Flake. I intend to insert a letter in both and send them back in their postage paid envelope. Without the donation they want of course. I intend to tell them that as long as the party continues to fall apart at the seams instead of having unity, stops knuckling under to the Democrats, letting themselves be manipulated, and shows loyalty to their presidents and other elected officials, starts working for the citizens and what they expect from them, I will no longer support them. I will no longer help finance a weak party. It would be throwing good money down a hole. They can take my name off their mailing lists and not waste their postage.

    Until they can become more unified and loyal to their party members and their leaders like the Democrats are to theirs I can't see much of a future for the Republican party. I will return to being an Independant. I understand that the Republican party tries to operate mindful and in accordance of the Constitution, but evidently they haven't noticed that the other team is operating out of their own playbook. It seems the Constitution doesn't apply to them. Playing by the rules doesn't work if only one team does. I would advise the Republicans from here on out to get tougher, stand their ground and stop letting the bullys win. If it means having their own play book so be it. And if they're smart they'd better not waste any time because the citizenry is tired of being treated like mindless peasants and it won't take much more to set them off again. 

    As a parting shot, if Trump can no longer be a part of leadership there will be another who will. It's just a matter of time.

    • Too many in the Republican Party blame Trump for the loss of the Senate. They will want him out of the leadership. The rinos don't know that this will cost them dearly. 

    • "I" AGREEEEEEE 1,000%..................................... "I'LL" never vote repub again,,, nor any other party line!!!!

  • The Republican Party is now the TRUMPLICAN  party  the Republican Party is a 3rd party .  Started with Obama  having the IRS go after tea party. Which hunt ,3years $40 million . 3rd party not having Trumps back  did it himself with a hand full of people . Speaks for the forgotten. Now the 3rd party becoming lock step with the socialist party ..   Bottom line your right he  doesn't have a future  in the 3rd party 76 million voted for trump not the  3rd party. 

  • Didn't take her long to goose step with that arm straight into the air. 

  • Hang this lying insurrectionist traitor Bwitch  She ADMITTED to making us all suffer on PURPOSE because it was to her political advntage. How many people DIED and lost all they had for this evil CRUNTS Political advantage. She's a frigging MURDERER!!! HANG HER!

  • I'll never vote for either again. I'm a Trumpian. Third party by default. The othe two MUST be devoured by WE THE PEOPLE. Trump is tyhe onl voice we had so the TYRANTS have to crush it.

    sic semper tyrannis You've all betrayed us. Shut your lying mouths!

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