i have spent a lot of time praying for our nation, asking Almighty God to soften the hearts of those on the left, people who want to eradicate Christianity from our land.  It is interesting how leftists like to equate things that are nowhere close to equal.  People try to convince us that islam is an "alternate but equal" path to Heaven.  In the Holy Bible Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but through Me".  Jesus came preaching "love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself".  He also said that we should love our enemies.  Liberals claim that the same God who sent Jesus with a message of love for even our enemies would wait 650 years and send an angel to a psychotic pedophile named moe ham head with a message of hate everyone.  That is a preposterous idea straight out of the pit of hell.  The pagan cult of rape, torture, and murder called islam did not come from Jehovah but came from the father of hate and lies, satan.

Moslem men love it because they can rape a young girl or woman and then stone her to death for "immoral conduct", they can have as many wives as they want, discard them at a whim, and can beat them mercilessly for any or no reason at all.  Females are not allowed to be educated, drive, have any kind of freedom, and can be killed for appearing in public without a male relative with them.  I remember a story a couple of years ago, I think in Iraq, when a 9 year old girl stepped out on her family's front porch by herself.  A group of crazy moslem women drug her out into the street and stoned her to death.  Women, especially teen girls, can be killed for balking at accepting a marriage arranged by their father, often to a much older man. They call them honor killings but God calls it murder.  Moslems take homosexuals out and either stone or hang them to "punish" them for immoral behavior but the radical bombers are permitted to engage in anal intercourse with each other if their purpose is to "enlarge their anus so they can put more explosives in there" to commit mass murder.  I find it telling how convenient their rules are, those with the guns apply the rules as they see fit.  Just like our political ruling class, the rules apply to the ruled but not to the rulers.

 Leftists in America call we Christians "Intolerant", "Hateful", "homophobic"and a plethora of other denigrating names because we call homosexual acts sin, as does the Word of God, while praising islamists as members of the "religion of peace". We who oppose abortion as the murder of an unborn child of God are called mysogenists, libtards claiming we oppose murder because we hate women.  Isn't it odd that everyone in favor of abortion did not suffer the fate they want to pronounce on others.  People who are willing to adopt unwanted babies are often ridiculed and/or denigrated for their love and kindness towards the unwanted children.  Just in the last few weeks President Trump's nominee for the supreme court, Amy Barrett, has been harshly criticized by leftists because she adopted 2 orphans from Haiti because they are black and she is white.  One would think that those so intent on seeing "racial diversity" would laud her and her husband for taking in 2 black children who had a bleak future ahead as orphans in one of the poorest nations on earth but the left calls her a "colonizer", a slur designed to label her as sub-human and evil.

The Holy Bible says that in the last days right will be wrong and wrong will be right.  America is at that state today.  Rioters are praised as "mostly peaceful protestors expressing moral outrage for systemic racism".  The "protests" stem from "unarmed men killed by police for being black".  They conveniently overlook the facts that those killed by police are killed in the act of committing violent crimes, not "for being black".  Evil is running rampant in our nation today fueled by media and political hacks who wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and slapped their faces.  The only black person I know of killed by police while not committing a crime was a young woman who got caught in crossfire after her boyfriend, who was wanted for gun running and drug dealing hid behind her while firing at police officers who were serving a search warrant.  Police identified themselves according to neighbors, refuting the liberal media lies that they just kicked the door in and opened fire on a sleeping woman.  Officers returned fire after one of them was shot and the woman, being used as a shield by a coward, was killed.

Today's media don't report news, they drum up unrest by telling lies that make sound like career criminals seem innocent victims of racist police officers looking to kill as many blacks as possible, which could not be further from the truth.  What the media and democrats don't mebntion is the number of police officers killed and/or injured while "showing restraint" nor the number of blacks killed by other blacks, including many children killed in random acts of black on black violence committed just this year alone.  They won't tell you about the 1 year old boy shot to death on a New York City street while out for a walk with his father who was the intended target of black gang members, the 8 year old girl shot to death in Atlanta while sitting in the back seat of her mother's car, the 9 year old girl shot to death while sitting in her bedroom doing homework in Chicago.  It seems the target was her older brother who belonged to a rival gang.  He wasn't home when the gang members fired dozens of shots into the house as they drove by at a high rate of speed, too cowardly to even face their intended target.  America doesn't have a "systemic racism" problem it has a sin problem.  Sin/evil is lauded while righteousness and honor are denigrated and belittled.  They also don't bother to mention the 359,000 black babies murdered in the womb every year, murders supported whole-heartedly by democrats who fund abortion mills to the tune of more than $500 million per year.  The biggest of the abortion mills, planned parenthood, was started by Margaret Sanger, an avowed racist who intended to use abortion to rid America of blacks, much like Hitler used the gas chambers to rid Europe of Jews.

Jesus is the answer to America's problems.  Repentance, prayer, and looking to Almighty God will solve our problems, racial and political hatred fomented by the left will only make things worse until the nation crashes into the abyss of anarchy and eventually dictatorship.  Many people, those either too stupid or too evil to see the true answer to the nation's path to redemption.  If the nation doesn't turn around soon it will disappear into the dust bin of failed nations.  Almighty God and our founding fathers didn't create this nation for it to turn into just another tool of satan.  We the People MUST now stand up and oppose the tyranny being imposed on us by the left in America.  If democrats get control of government again this grand experiment in self-governance will fall by the wayside.  I will continue to speak out against communism/fascism/ liberalism/socialism/ and pray daily asking God to forgive our sin and heal our land.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

October 29, 2020

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