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  • With his hand on Willeys, Dilley!

  • America there is no Commander in Chief in the Oval Office we have Hitler in the basement 

  • I don't lean towards the conspiricy theme for it only makes excuses for the actual participants. The one person I hold responsitble for Benghazi is Hillary for she stood by when relief for our ambassidor and others was readily available by the military. I hold Biden totally responsible for the devestation ongoing in Afghanistan. 

    The only democrat I find responsible in the last decades was Truman. He took action in the face of false condemations for he knew, in the long run, American and even Japanese lives would be saved.

  • If 9/11 and Benghazi were inside jobs,  what makes anyone think the bombing at the airport in Kabul wasn't also an inside job.

    • EXACTLY ATV! We'll probably hear later that ALL 13 were going to refuse the Woke Poke & the REGIME didn't like that!

  • AS A US MARINE I too THINK O'BIDEN had his Commie Finger on the Detanator of that BOMB that killed ALL those MARINES! This REGIME/CCP is responsible for ALL the Crap happening in America! They CAN'T BLAME THIS SHIT ON TRUMP ANY LONGER!! AMERICA needs to Wake Up & SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The COVERT FLU is a Scam to Kill off the World's Population! The WOKE POKE is a GATES DEATH SHOT! AVOID IT!

  • Biden killed "Her Son" just as surely as if he blew up the bomb!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • May God  grant her peace . That POS should not even be in the same room with those  brave boys . Go in your whole you worthless  nothing  and suck your sippy cup 😡

  • I wonder if she was at Dover airport this morning.  If I were her, I would have given the Traitor in chief a piece of my mind.

  • She is correct, Biden the senile idiot should be exchanged with the remaining Americans in Afghanistan and throw in Kamala and Pelosi as well, just for good measure.  Incredible that someone in the Administration didn't have the balls to put him in the basement and did the right thing.

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