• Gohmert is right. Our only hope is that President Donald J. Trump gets back into the White House and assumes total authority over the country. Then and only then will he be able to drain the swamp and kill off the deep state. This is the only way can preserve our Republic, our way of life, our freedom and liberties.

  • Louie Gohmert from Texas has always been a favorite congressman of mine, but clearly he misses the picture with regards to what we have here today in America.  The US is not close to the end of being a constitutional republic.  The US right now is no longer a constitutional republic and hasn't been for quite some time.  Constitutional republics require laws to be enforced and certain established protocols to be followed.  Clearly this isn't what is happening today and hasn't been happening for a number of years.  Furthermore, constitutional republics don't validate election fraud, which invalidates any constitution anywhere at any time and by definition.  

  • It is the NWO!!!

    Wake up and fight the take over. Which now is so far expansive, than most realize.


    • That's certainly true enough. 

  • Gohmert: "We are too close to the end of this nation."  Question: Other than a handful... What has any elected Official representing us done to stop this demise from happening?

  • Unless true and strong conservatives get in office we are truly done as a nation.

  • We have not had any true leadership from the Rs in many years. McConnell is one of the worst & they continually vote him back in. He is married to a chinese so what does that tell you & he also owns a chinese shipping company

  • Because RINOs haven't done due diligence in protecting it against the onslaught of Demonrat criminality by rolling over all of the time to the crooked Demonrats.... a la MCConnell.

  • Lincoln's warning that in a thousand years an outside force could never destroy this Republic, but in a short time it can be destroyed from within is coming true.

  • It all started with Obama

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