• Marience, Obama was born in Kenya to an non-American father, a socialist himself, but his mother was actually an American citizen. 

    • That's where the race culture begin

    • Obama was born in Kenya. He is a Sunni Kenyan Muslim Terrorist


    • I agree with you and that's where the race culture begin Obama has the people of the United States in the palm of his hand and the Democratic party fall for it that's the reason why I believe Satan is in charge of this government. 

    • You can say that again and Obama is the one to blame along with Demonic influence 

  • The Devil himself with the help of Obama, Joe Biden, kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros and the rest of the Democratic leaders in the white house 

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  • Biden isn't competent to make the decision, really?  Well Biden hasn't been competent since the day he took office.  So who has been making all the decisions? 

    • The answer is Obama and his cronies 

  • We don't need to look any further than what President Donald J. Trump told us. The Radical Left Democrats are obviously behind this. They control the Justice Department and the deep state.

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