WHO votes for the Gloom and Doom? sigh..

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  • It was a very "Dark Day" when Sleezy Sleepy Joe's momma gave "birth" to that snake!!!

  • Flu virus.

  • OH WOW!!! After all of the lies about this virus being Trump's fault and not one word about the Chinese being responsible! Of course we all know that Hunter and Joe Biden are in bed with China. This allegation has plenty of proof where the allegations about Trump being in cahoots with Putin were all made up and have been proven to be a secret coup to get rid of Trump before he won the election in 2016. The perpetrators of this coup are STILL not being arrested for doing that. Biden made false statements about having a soulution to get rid of the virus while claiming Trump did nothing to stave off the virus. Biden needs to be arrested for killing 1000's of Americans for not sharing his solution with the country. Instead, if he really had a solution he sat on it because of his hate for Trump. Biden does not give a damn about Americans, only hurting Trump!! That is the most disgusting thing that a person could do, killing people because of his politics. The Democrats did NOTHING to help in this crisis and here Biden is saying we need to work in a bipartison way?!?! Biden is crazy man and needs to be ousted by the 25th amendment! Oh, those of you that don't read the posts before yours post repeats of what is already here.

    • No Allen! Impeaching Biden or taking him out with the 25th would give us Commie Kamala. We need to take down their whole ticket ... because of fraud ... if we do that Trump get's re-elected by default.

    • Allen, do I understand that you believe that a President Biden would respect the Constitution, and refrain from declaring a State of Emergancy and use the Insurrection act if he caught a whiff of the 25th being considered?


      I would not make that  jump just because the current Populist President, after 4 years of slanderous persecution, has not done so.

      Besides, his proposed cabinet is heavily composed of marxist ideologues, some neocons, and all political reprobates, party approved.

      So they wouldn't be likely to 25th him. He would simply be told to resign, just like he said he would for Harris' assumption of power.

  • !!!  WHAT A CREAMPIE WADDDD  !!!!!

    • Good One, William!!

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