WHO votes for the Gloom and Doom? sigh..

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  • The People are gonna get tired of this closed-off retard... AND QUICKLY.  

    HE will suffer YUUUUUGELY by comparison to Trump's almost-daily free-form interviews while approaching Marine-1.

    Assuming, of course, that Pence and the GOP in Congress fail to pull off a Hail Mary pass on Jan 6th.

    • I figure the President at this point has more than ample justification to act unilaterally. The question is, does he?

      If he knows the costs of indecision, can he hesitate?

    • I don't doubt the Trump Team has a serious, no-holds-barred, multi-tiered plan for loosing ARMAGEDDON on those corrupt, evil Dems.  


    • YES!!! Became a Trekkie in College circa 1970 watching re-runs in the dorm with a room-full of fellow engineering students. 4pm daily.

      Thanks for the memory!!

    • "Joe even looks exactly like professor Gill and is just as unconcious. "

      Or at least just as useless.

    • Never saw that one but was a Trekkie. 

    • "Patterns of Force" Second season 1968. There is some hilarity in seeing two jewish actors, Shatner and Nimoy, play masquerading as characters who in the 1940s would have eagerly abused and killed them. I am thinking it was creepy for them.

    • Gene Roddenberry after his World War II experience was as much a Progressive Socialist as he was a gun banner. You can see his inclinations in the plots he wrote for "Have Gun Will Travel", "Star Trek","Highway Patrol", "West Point Story", (check out him in Wikipedia). In time, he worked out these issues and personal ones like his divorce. I believe he came to the conclusion the Progressive Socialism, though a nice ideal, simply was not plausible or rational in todays world. A sincere guy unlike the grinning Quid Pro Joe.

  • Spoken like a queen of every virus out there

  • Folks ... let's be careful. If Biden manages to ascend to the presidency, we DON'T WANT TO MOVE TO IMPEACH HIM 'cause that would leave us with Commie Kamala. We need to move to take down their whole ticket because of fraud.

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