• Where are the reports of the gun fire fight that took place in Italy and Germany server locations by military police where several people got  killed and injured.

    Where is that Tribunal being held???  In Hague or Italy with the rest of the Mafia-Kabal....

  • The cheating can be checked with proper oversight by local folks. We cannot and should not allow one party to run the voting process in every precinct. What we saw happening in Detroit and Atlanta cannot be allowed to happen. In our county in norther Georgia, I have not been able to detect any wrong doing or Machine Cheating. Our system confirms a true and fair election:

    1. You check-in at voting place, show I.D. and sign.

    2. You cast ballot on Machine.

    3. You verify your vote for each candidate and question.

    4. You cast ballot

    5. You receive a printed copy of your ballot and deposit it.

    6. during the day, Poll Watchers verigy number of voters with number of votes shown cast on Machines.

    7. Totals reported to State after poll closing.

    8. Numbers given to press match those shown on machines.

    9. Visual confirmation of ballots on recount matches numbers from Machines.

    It seems like the only cheating occurs with mail in, absentee, and illegal ballots (those from Drop Boxes).

    Cannot see how the Machines are cheating.

    • Try to explain 1) the machines are WiFi enabled and easily hackable. Mike Lindell have a video showing where China switched the votes late on election night. They bounced off servers in Italy & Germany then switched thousands of votes in tge key battlegroung states. 2) mail-in ballot fraud. In Fulton county, they changed the adjudicated rate on the machines to 93% error rate. When the fraudulent ballot was rejected, they simply voted for that ballot, made a new ballot and destroyed the original fake ballot. Yes, we need to ban mail in or computer voting. 

  • Paper ballots only!!!

  • Maybe we need to dip all voters fingers into purple ink....and vote in person only......on Election Day!

    • YES ! BUT the votings machines need to hook up to the capital like a FAX machines by phone not wifi.


    • Yes, tge wifi is installed in them all

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