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Bill Gates continues to push 'immunity passports' and tech-enabled ...

For those of us who increasingly feel like there is no place on Earth to be free of prying eyes, a new announcement from some deep-pockets tech investors appears to ensure humanity that global surveillance from orbit is coming, and soon.

On Wednesday, EarthNow - a startup that hopes to provide satellite imagery and live video in real time using a constellation of satellites orbiting the Earth - announced its decision to become a commercial business. Investors include AirBus, the SoftBank Group, Bill Gates and Greg Wyler.

Although the initial investment amount has not been revealed, the company announced that funding will focus on providing "innovative and unique real-time Earth observation services." The service could provide information on storm monitoring, natural disasters and illegal fishing vessels, just to name a few applications which, of course, include pervasive global surveillance.

Wyler, a US tech entrepreneur and investor in EarthNow, has already deployed satellites beaming broadband as part of his OneWeb satellite constellation project. The goal of the project is to eventually deploy around 900 satellites to offer for-profit global internet services by 2019.

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  • Bill Gates: A threat to mankind far greater than any virus ever could be. This (“man?”) actually believes his wealth entitles him to control the Earth and its entire population. His goal is to inoculate every person with a vaccine that will render them docile, traceable, and subservient to the whims of The New World Order.

     This psychopath must be stopped. All of the rocks he hides under must be turned over. The citizens of the world must be made aware of his many past atrocities. He must undergo the same type of attacks that Donald Trump faces every day. Every time he opens his mouth on CNN or MSNBC, his vile intentions must be brought into the sunlight.

     Bill Gates played a major role in the release of the Wuhan Flu on the entire world. If you are skeptical, I urge you to do your own research. If you dig deep enough, you will be forced to come to the same conclusion.


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