• I agree 100%

  • After Nixon election was stolen in 1960 he didn't trust the Democratic Party but this time they want a socialist government 

  • He is soooooo right.

  • So ...  Nixon was wrong for spying on political opponent at Watergate and removed from office - acceptable..

    Obama spies ...nothing.  Obama/Biden peddle American influence for personal gain .... nothing.

    The Obama IRS attacks US citizen right to freely assemble ...  nothing. 

    Gun running, setting up ISIS, toppling foreign governments (Libya, Egypt).    NBD!

    The Alinsky tactic in use is to mirror and project the negative outworking of one’s own ideology onto one’s opponent, then use the Joseph Goebbel (Nazi Propaganda Reichsminister) tactic of repeating/echoing lies until accepted as truth.  

    A azing that this 20th  century technique still works and people are unwilling/unable to see it.  But then, our media mega echo chambers (controlled by 6 globalist supporting corporations) have much more influence than Hitler’s machine could have imagined.


  • Shameless tacit approval of Lying, cheating and stealing (fraud) by leftists within the Democratic to gain power.

    This nation gets what it deserves for government.


  • 2 Timothy Ch 3

  • I agree with Glenn 100000%. Way past time for deep state treason charges, jail and throw away the keys.

  • It is getting very hard to listen to truth anymore. I agree 110% with Glen Beck and so do many MILLIONS of Americans.



    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” - John Adams

    If not, we don’t deserve our government (a nation governed by “we the people”), or we get what we deserve for government .

    Anyone found guilty of lying, cheating, stealing or election fraud should lose their voting right at a minimum.

  • The demonrats corruption goes all the way into the deep state and showed its ugly head most recently in the rigged election. 

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