TheBlaze founder and 2020 Radio Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Beck issued a public apology to President Donald Trump for doubting him in 2016.

Beck made the remarks amid the press surrounding the 2020 Republican National Convention.


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  • It was God's plan for President Trump to win precisely because of his family.  Look how beautiful and feminine his wife is in how she carries herself and dresses.  Liberals hate true ladies.  They want women to look and be like men.  His family may be rich, but they work for it and make sure their employees are treated right in the process.  His children all know their father's heart and spoke up for him.  I actually wanted Ted Cruz to win back then because Trump seemed to have a bit of a playboy image to me.  I was afraid he may negotiate a bad deal since he had some liberal tendencies in the past.  So it was ok to think Ted might deliver better to the conservative principles.  As soon as Donald won, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  He changed from the old liberal tendencies in order to help America.  He has always been in the business of serving others.  This made me have more confidence in his abilities.  He does put others first.  One of the biggest indicators of this to me, in the beginning, was the fact that he didn't ask to be paid for being the president.  A liberal would never do this.

    • So true. She is the epitome of grace, brilliance, beauty, honor and class. We are so blessed to have them in the WH. 

    • Amen.

    • Eileen-- your Trump timeline is a duplicate of mine.  I too favored Cruz, ultimately supporting Trump once he emerged as the presumptive nominee. It was a decision I've never regreted.  And, like you, I too acknowledge Trump's presidency as "God's plan."

      God has a history of choosing seemingly unlikely characters to shepherd his people. His children after all-- even the greatest of His prophets-- were hardly perfect beings-- Noah, a reputed drunk, at least in the nuance of the times; Moses, the man with a confidence muzzling stutter; David, the youngest and certainly not the grandest among his siblings; Jonah, the prophet who dared to object to God's merciful plan for the Ninevites; Peter, the bedrock of Christ's church whose struggles with cowardice were legendary...

      Face it; as he himself would acknowledge, Donald Trump is no saint. But then, neither am I. Yes, I too count Donald Trump as God's chosen warrior. I trust God's wisdom.

    • Cruz-Church of the Seven Mountains.

    • Love this!


    • Excellent.  Thank you.


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