TheBlaze founder and 2020 Radio Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Beck issued a public apology to President Donald Trump for doubting him in 2016.

Beck made the remarks amid the press surrounding the 2020 Republican National Convention.


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  •  I was mostly disappointed when glenn "went 'round the bend" when he left F***s news. It isn't much of a stretch to see Trump's advantages over biden. I, for one, will reconsider following glenn from now on. We need to all stick together if we are going to beat back the socialists. TRUMP 2020!

    • Of course, we all need to stick together and support Trump under any circumstances in November. The prospect of socialists taking over our beloved country should put fear into any patriotic American and should motivate all to prevent such a horrible scenario.

  • Beck has always had his moments of brilliance. Way back when, he predicted the progressives would use the muslims and vice versa, then turn on each other like snakes. 

    He got the 1st part right. Other than that, I agree with Michael. His mouth and closed mind did damage. And his choice was who? Out of the idiots, traitors and murderers?  He stil couldn't choose Trump?

  • glenn you are an idiot. There is no telling how much damage to America you did with your big mouth. You got the narrative wrong, you influenced small brains with your tripe. The left used your spew to go after Mr. Trump to back up their lies. You should have just reserved judgement as the American people knew what WE were doing when WE voted for the Legendary President Donald J. Trump. Your damage is done, you were willing to turn America over to hillary. President Trump has a lot more honor and dignity than soros, hillary obama, waters, schumer, nadler, schiff combined. I still shut your program off the radio, after listening to true patriots like The Great Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, the ever Patriot Mark Levin. So, unless you have something constructive to say, and not some leftist kumbaya sing-a-long, pay attention to what you see is happening and not what you hear. 

    • Miachael.   This is not helpful.   

  • Amen.  Welcome back Glenn...


  • Glenn Beck is a true American patriot who can clearly see how much good Trump has done for the country. The riots, chaos and fiscal disarry under the terrible obummer years are finally under control. Trump shows all Americans what real leadership is. Today we must support Trump more so than ever, no questions asked. He guarantees our freedom and liberties.

  • I have gained new respect for Glenn Beck.  This is the behaviour of a real man.  Admiting when he is not right and humbling himself to ask for forgiveness

    To Glenn Beck I have new respect for you Sir.  You are a great man.

  • Mr. Beck,  I've always felt you were a good man.  Going all the way back in the days of FOX NEWS.  You could become a force to reacon with if you could follow President Trump's lead.  Best wishes.

  • Another early skeptic who finally come around is the hilarious Greg Gutfeld (Fox). Unlike Beck though, I don't recall him dropping any "mea culpas." 

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