Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a hypocrite. This isn’t news — frankly, it’s something we’ve known for quite some time now.


Whether it’s attacking 2020 competitor Pete Buttigieg for the same kind of fundraising from millionaires that she herself had just recently engaged in, or lying to smear rival Bernie Sanders as sexist, Warren has a long record of insincerity. But even with all this in mind, the glaring hypocrisy posed by the senator’s late-in-the-game endorsement of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is a doozy.

In a compelling video released Wednesday, Warren endorsed Biden and backed his 2020 campaign. She also said Wednesday evening that she would agree to be his running mate if asked. Warren’s endorsement focused on Biden’s character, highlighting what she sees as his compassion, fundamental decency, and competence. It was, honestly, a well-done and moving endorsement.

There’s just one glaring problem. Biden now faces an accusation of sexual assault. It isn't necessarily true, but Warren has established herself as one of the nation’s most prominent #MeToo advocates, demanding in the past that we “believe all women” and railing against Republicans who faced similar or even more unfounded accusations, such as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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