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In a Sunday interview on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Rudy Giuliani, personal legal counsel for President Donald Trump, weighed in on the Department of Justice’s decision to drop charges against former National Security Adviser Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn after new evidence came to light showing FBI agents attempted to entrap Flynn into lying to them.

Giuliani said former CIA Director John Brennan, along with former FBI Director James Comey, orchestrated the Deep State’s attempt to take down Trump, which he described as “as close to treason as you can get.”

“This is now an inexperienced prosecutor’s hypothesis … I think Brennan ran this damn thing,” Giuliani told host John Catsimatidis. “I particularly think Brennan ran the Papadopoulos-Carter Page part of it because that’s a very elaborate counter-intelligence plan — kind of a stupid one. Brennan is smart, but if he goes overboard, he makes a lot of mistakes, which is why he was in trouble all his career. So, that one I’m sure is orchestrated by CIA. And who the hell would’ve done it in the CIA but a screwball like Brennan?”

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  • Even the devil could not think of a deceitfull plan like this, pure EVIL:(

    • I agree with you 100% silvestre

  • I've always known Obama was in this up to his floppy ears. But oh boy his rat pack were all too careful not to mention his name in any of their emails or texts weren't they. The tip off that he's involved and because the heat is getting too close to him, is the fact that he's stayed quiet and in the back ground all this time, but now that it looks like Flynn is going to get off, and new information is coming to light he's starting to speaking out. He's so shook he could hardly put a sentence together. Yes eventually the chickens come home to roost and they are shitting right on his door step.

    • it took Flynn to have Obama speaking out loud what's wrong with this picture?

    • like I said Obama is the son of the antichrist.


  • Absolutely, Brennan, Comey AND other have committed treason, sedition and subterfuge - -they need to be MADE TO PAY for their criminal activity, right along with those who "ordered them", or encouraged them to undermine the votes of American citizens.  

  • this is old news it is Obama and his administration that pull this crap because Russia is a communist nation.

  • Don't forget Jarrett, Holder, Lynch, Clintons, Mueller & staff attornys,  Pelosi, Schumer, Eric Schmidt, et al!

    • Obama and hsi administration should have been in jail.


    • Jeff- I there is any "true justice" in this nation of ours, jail is where "they will be", eventually; I just hope it's Gitmo, prior to their conviction and execution.

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