• any of you morons see who is running this site? google yahoo and facebook, seriously no wonder yer all so fucking blind, dont bother banning me im leaving yer delusion

    • Thank you Col Nelson for pointing this out.  I too hate to call Traitor Joe President, but you are absolutely correct in that he [regrettably] our lawfully elected President. 


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      Couldn't have said it better myself June! Thank You!!

      Liquid Steel - if you have VERIFIABLE Proof and done your own analysis of a 'body double' then I would like to redirect you to post either in the blogspot area here: just click the  plus sign and add. OR in a discussion post here: and again just click the plus sign. If what you say and post are true then this would be a massive breaking story or not. Put up or shut up is what my daddy always told me. So, I will be waiting for that post.

      And also, please be respectful of others opinions even if they don't agree with you. Let's leave the name calling and the vitriol to the other side because they are watching us.


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    • May I suggest YOU "knock it off"; this website is NOT a space for personal animosity, nor mud slinging.  If you have "proof", show it, otherwise do NOT turn it into a personal space for arguments sake.  Name calling and rudeness are NOT what we are here for and I, personally, find it offensive and frustrating! I do believe we get more than enough "frustration" from the "regime" currently trying to run US over, in DC!  How about just being "constructive".

    • Melanie, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  joe dementoia IS NOT the president and I WILL NOT refer to him as such.  i agree with you, dementia is the illegitimate usurper sitting in President Trump's office, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!


    • No. He lost the election and no matter what shenanigans were perpetrated against us subsequently, he is NOT President, and I will never refer to that fraud as such. Most of the rest of us PATRIOTS won't, either, because we watched the rest of the fraud happen. And no, he is NOT "Constitutionally" President, and he's NOT "legal." We all know that. If it were true, then why even bother wih elections from now on?? Pence's betrayal did not "legally" make the fraud President, and you can't "certify" something illegal, no matter how many cowards did the dirty deed. Don't give me that. You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, and you can't make chicken soup from chicken poop!! I'm getting tired of having to explain these facts to you.


    • Melanie...

      As much as you might not like it and as much as I hate to refer to Biden as President... the facts and the LAW are behind his ascension to the Office of President.  Even though the election was fraught with fraud, and Biden failed to achieve victory by a majority vote... the 50 States and their legislatures CERTIFIED THE ELECTION TOTALS and forwarded them to Congress.  Congress accepted their Electors on January 6th, 2020... ignoring the fraudulent popular vote.  Congress then CERTIFIED the election and installed Biden as President on the 20th day of January 2021.  

      Constitutionally, the President is ELECTED by the STATES not popular vote... the States sent electors to Washington, DC to cast their State's Electoral Votes for President on January 20th... That is when the actual, legal, constitutional vote for President took place.  Our President is elected by the Electoral College, not the popular vote.  The Electoral College votes the way the State they represent commissions them to vote.  The States certified their Electors by their state laws ... albeit by fraud took place in the state's certification process,  Congress ignored the fraud and certified the total vote in favor of Biden who was installed as president of the United States on 20 Jan 2020.

      Pres. Biden is in fact the lawful and constitutional President of the USA.. whether we like it or not. The several States and Congress certified his election by the Electoral College... making him the legal president of the USA.  The only way to remove him now is by Impeachment or the 25th Amendment.  Our current Constitutional recourse is impeachment, the 25th Amendment, or an Article 5 convention... whereby the states create and pass a Recall Amendment to remove Pres. Biden from office. Failing all those remedies we are left with revolution.

      VP Pence's betrayal cemented Biden's election legally... Pence failed to challenge several of the State's Electors as fraudulent... illegally certified.  He should have sent the Electors in question back to the States for recertification, subject to a legitimate count of the popular vote by each of the questionable States.  He did not do it and then permitted Congress to certify their votes for Biden... making them legal and binding votes.  Remember, it is the State's that elect our President not the popular vote of the people.  We have an electoral system for electing our Presidents, not a popular vote.  The States don't need the public to vote for the President.  The Governor and Legislature can pick electors without consultation or the people's vote.

    • aww now yer butthurt cause i pointed out your ignorance, you started this by your comment so PO

    • Vulgar language and personal insults are strictly prohibited by this site... I find your posts not only insulting but totally inappropriate.  As to the video clip or pictures you posted as evidence of Pres. Biden's doppelganger the facts remain you provided multiple items in your foolish attempt to prove the President is not actually alive.  You didn't need to mention Q as it is well known that Q has suggested several well-known politicians and political figures are dead and are being represented by doppelgangers or clones.  

      Though it is none of your business on how I earned my rank know this:  I served two combat tours in Viet Nam and was in Iraq for 14 months.  I have many awards, combat, and service medals and decorations, commensurate with my rank and time in service. These awards and medals were earned while in service to the nation and they speak for themselves.  I do not need your condescending remarks or approval to wear them. .  Stolen valor is the misrepresentation of one's entitlement to military honors:  awards, medals, and decorations. Have you ever served in or out of combat? If so, do regale us with such service and in what capacity?   

      AR 25-50, 'Preparing and Managing Correspondence'... Military correspondence is governed by AR 25-50. This Army Regulation prescribes (on behalf of Secretary of the Army) Department of the Army policies, procedures, and standardizes formats for the preparing and processing of Army memorandums and letters. The regulation applies to official correspondence, not to the private personal correspondence of military personnel.  This regulation provides for the rules retired military personnel should follow regarding the use of their rank in acknowledging personal and official correspondence.

    • Beijing Biden is not "the President." Everyone knows that, and there would be much more clarity if we would use correct terminology.


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