• Remember when the Democrats shouted,BECOME UNGOVERNABLE? When is it OUR TURN?

  • Doubtful the danger is from Beijing joe - -most likely his handlers and "string pullers"!

  • Pardons are given to people convicted of a crime!

    Guiliani didn't fall under that description! He hasn't committed any crime.

    he is being attacked for another reason. Can't help what they're looking for, that K Harris wants so bad! 
    although I do have some ideas!

    she needs to be outed!

  • biden and his cronies SUCK

  • The Marxists are consolidating their power... weaponizing (purging) key members in the DOJ, Federal Law Enforcement, and the Courts of anyone who questions their use of the law to persecute dissident political opinion.  The question is why has the opposition ignored this historic pattern of purges using phony arrests, show trials, and dictatorial suspension of citizen's due process rights.

  • biden who ???

  • The Devil is at work and it's not looking good at all.

  • the real biden is dead8904199900?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • You're wrong in that - this is the real Biden.  He was able to hide it before.  The man never was an "intellect".


    • Liquid Steel... stop drinking the 'Q' tea and don't expect the Military to suddenly rise up and arrest hundreds of thousands... not going to happen.  Waiting for the calvary to arrive is political suicide.

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