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  • Having posted all I have about individual civil liberties, the best arguement for not affording benefit of doubt to individuals is shown by this posterboy Biden (including his son). What a pair of BUMS!

  • what is the Tea party doing to organize our takeover if biden wins?


  • We can rattle on about all kinds of distractions, but the Biden Organized Crime Family is guilty as it gets and they should be hung by the neck until dead, for treason.  But does the American people have an AG that is worth even mentioning his name?  NO, we do not!!!  The only question is, WHEN ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE GOING TO STAND UP?  I write messages to one of these criminal organizations every single day.  The AG, FBI, CIA and several other FED agencies that have become Criminal Organizations fighting to destroy America.  ONE MESSAGE A DAY, FIVE DAYS A WEEK!!!  Sometimes, it's seven.  It's the least I can do, for now!

    • OK, WHERE do you send these messages?  Thru web portals?  By email?  Please give us ALL the URL &/or email addresses!!!

    • EXAMPLE:  FBI -   THEN - Submit a Tip -  When I send a "tip", I send a lot of information copied from other sources, such as JUDICIAL WATCH etc. etc.  ALWAYS copy the text, paste and send it to other entities and yourself, naturally.  ALL the fed agencies are accessible, simply go to their web sites and do a little research to figure out how to access.  Keep records of everything and grow our base.  Maybe some skilled individuals here could create a place where we could all post messages we have sent various FED agencies and we could all repeat other messages to make it easier and less time consuming, to also assist the increase, flow and interest.  Suggestion:  Try to keep the comments and information FACTUAL, with questions thereof. 


    • The Left doesn't care what the public wants or does... they have their agenda and it doesn't include public approval.  Marxist see the proletariat as menial labor for their utopia... dupes open to misdirection and easily led to their own destruction. 

      The Marxist will ignore or downplay the complaints of the proletariat... isolating or eliminating those members individuals or groups that prove capable of motivating action in the masses... declaring them criminal or mentally ill, incarcerating some and sending others to mental institutions or reeducation camps.

    • I like it! 

      But if we tip off these intelligence and law enforcement agencies about their top tier criminality................what will they do? Or will they do me!

    • Abraham Lincoln declared Marital Law... arrested over 14,000 Sedition and Insurrectionist... even a supreme court Justice.  He arrested members of the Media, ranking civil servants, members of Congress, and anyone who challenged the authority of the Administration to GOVERN or whose duty it was to maintain the continuity of government ... and the security of the United States but did not. Instead, those misguided agents of Lincoln's government choose to pursue objectives contrary to the Constitution and the best interests of America.

      Other Presidents facedown revolts within the courts and departments of government as necessary to maintain the continuity of government and the rule of law... Jackson told the Courts that their judgments ended at the Court House steps that he would not obey judicial orders he deemed unconstitutional or that exceeded their JURISDICTION by interfering with the Administration's or Congress's Constitutional Powers... that may be necessary once more. 

      The People have entrusted Pres. Trump to manage the affairs of government and the RULE OF LAW... it is time for the President to remove the obstacles to such lawful rule... those in the DOJ and FBI who are obstructing justice need to go... and go NOW not later.

    • This is the dilemma of men who face the horrible decision of whether or not to risk burning the village to save it. Military field commanders face such gut-wrenchers on any given day. Theatre and books have chronicled this issue. But in Abe and Andys spot, they faced having to burn themselves down too, in taking extrordinary steps to keep their offices from being co-opted in destroying the Nation by selfish malefactors. Donald Trump has been in this hotbox since the git-go! For this reason, if for no other, Donald Trump has my unwavering support. He is a leader of conscience.

    • I agree with you Michael

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