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    The legislatures of all fifty states need to take a hard look at the voting in their state. In addiction to PA, MI, WI, GA, NV, and AZ it is readily apparent that massive voting fraud also took place in VA, CA, and MN. Do you legislators of these states want your state recognized as corrupt, having failed to prosecute those committing voting fraud, and being a major factor in the dissolution of this great nation?
    The legislatures of each and every state can deny the results of a tainted election and directly appoint electors and enjoin them who to vote for. Now is the time to display integrity and character, what say you, legislators?
    We the people are the KRAKEN !

  • I want a do over. redo the election, no machines, no mail in ballots, ID required. 

  • Sorry for getting off topic, but I'm sadden to hear that a great american hero CHUCK YEAGER has passed away at the age of 97. I wings he is using now are taking him home at mach speed. Farwell Chuck.

  • Ever notice that when the communists get backed into a corner with evidence they always use old reliable, DEBUNKED, DEBUNKED, DEBUNKED, DEBUNKED, DEBUNKED, DEBUNKED, DEBUNKED,



  • I agree with Sydnney; Rattensperger, Kemp and Sterling should all be in jail. Yea, maybe all legal votes have ben counted but the problem is the illegal votes that were alsdo counted. Apparently, Georgia voters are as stupid as Sterling believes since they are letting these three get away with this. It's a good thing none of these low-lifes are my neighbor. What scum.

  • Same personal keep counting the recall votes do you expect a different count,do this idiots think we're as stupid as them 

  • I guess that voting machine that proved the fraud lied also? Make sure to use this same machine when ball less stinkberger runs for election again making him a loser. No big deal, he is already a loser.It's people like this that not only hurt the state but the nation.Where's the rule of law? Where is lady justice?  He Must have been implimental in writing the Communust manifesto or at the least rules for radicals. Get rid of the stink.
    This domain may be for sale!
  • " ... debunked claims of a stolen election ... " Debunked by whom buddy???

  •  It's too obvious, the Democrats caused chaos on purpose. Give it up. Xi's Puppet Administration AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!

  • "We've counted legally cast ballots 3 times." Legally?? Does that include tampered mail-in ballots??? Folks, we ain't stupid! We need to petition the Supremes to order a ONE DAY re-vote. And, those people found to be complicit in the tampering of mail-in ballots should/could be charged as accomplices before the fact ... no leniency!!

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