• Have a little faith, the GBI probably will be defunded or abolished under Biden's Rule. Their job is secure under Trump. And hopefully Sydney Powell testimoney will bring down the House and Senate and they will choose who will be President.

    If Biden should lose, he will probably do the same thing his butt buddy Obama did and use his cabinet to run a shadow government and undermine Trump once more.

  • Might be REAL interesting to find out how many of these GA officials - elected  / appointed / hired - have been PAID by the DNC (or DOMINION??) for their corrupt elections activities.  

  • We will see, I don't trust the investigation if it is going through the Secretary of State. Who we all know is in on the election fraud. Along with Kemp, who is likewise dirty. We need a military tribunal to investigate the fraud we have seen with our own eyes. We don't need to filter the information through the corrupt players who helped facilitate the fraud that upended our election system. The Ga. Secretary of State and Governor need to be suspended from their jobs and all their clearances and authorities revoked until an investigation conducted by nonpartisan investigators is completed. Then I imagine they will be indicted and convicted because they are most assuredly are culpable in this debacle. 

    • I agree 100%


  • Be careful... I smell a white wash and cover up coming...  Skunks don't change their stripes and we have a whole bevy of stinkers in this bunch.

    • isn't that the truth


  • Thank God, finally a real team that will lay these crooks low.

    • I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I believe a GBI rep already was involved with the arena ballot issue and declared it s no problem.

    • John, don't count on more than smoke and mirror bleating and posturing!!!!!

  • They should have started this 1 or 2 days after the election. It looks to me that they were stauling to run out the clock. Maybe with the overwhelming.evidence piling up they figured they couldn't wait any longer.

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