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    • I can only imagine, if PA's Gov. Wolf said to hand in our guns, how the people of Bedford County would react.  Ha!  That statement just inflamed those in all northern PA counties and those in central and western PA, minus the Pittsburgh people.  All the above would sing, "Here they.  Come and get them"... and bring the BLM along, too!  Party time!

    • Since Wolfs' love interest has gone to Washington D.C. to be assistant health secretary (AAAAAAAH!),

      I guess that would be his lovelorn means of "suicide by political stupidity"?

    • I am not aware that Rachel, also once known as "Dick," is Wolf'slove interest, but Dick is his cousin!  Family trait - DNA, etc.   Levine is not a trained doctor.  He/she is a psychologist who cannot even help himself/herself!   His/her mental health is all askew - and he/she is going to counsel us? ROTFLOL!

    • "Dick" no more, right?

    • Being a "love interest" is the only reason I could come up with for suffering such a liability on ones self  politically..And being a cousin would not insult the sensibilities of such an individual.

  • HEY! Isn't the guy with one knee-pad, Rick Moranis from "SPACEBALLS"?

  • Bring them up to Bedford, PA.  They are no militia.  They are cowards.  They waited for salary.  Ours come out for free.  Ask the cars and coaches of BLM.  Three times up; three times down.  Never returned.

  • Following orders from someone who is paying them!



  • Why weren't they arrested?

    • IIf you are talking to me, Doris, I do not know.  I suspect it has something to do with the act that the did no real harm or damage.  They definitively disturbed the peace. but Mr. Myers son did shoot that man in the face!  And Myers was not arrested.  It perhaps has to do with discretion: letting: the boys handle it appropriately!

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