• In George Washington's Farewell Address, in the final pages He makes Specific Reference to the Danger of "Political Parties" "Lest they be as a fire intended will consume." Meaning Political Parties are to be trusted no further than Arm's Length, never Out of Sight! Political Parties Will Usurp the Powers of the Sovereign Citizens.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Banning wagons and issuing wheelbarrows is a start.


    I think of Pelosi and Schumer and of course AOC as well as the KING OF INTRESTS Gavin Newsom, then Bernie Sanders the missguided relative of Colonel Sanders. 

    I wonder how 1/2 of America could have been so stupid as to Allow 1 party to control an election and falsify it and the other party allowing it to just happen and AMERICA ELECTED A DEMENTIA RIDDLED MORON INTO THE WHITE HOUSE TO RUN THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET. We now have our southern border totally compromised, Dead soldiers + 10 innocent civilians dead from a drone strike BY THE MORON ON THE HILL with thousands of people hostages to Islamic terrorists who now have demands before any are released AND THIS MORON PRESIDENT SAYS THE WHOLE WITHDEAWL IS A TOTAL SUCCESS......WTF is wrong with America that FOOL ON THE HILL SHOULD BE DRAGGED OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND BE TRIED FOR TREASON BECAUSE HIS GENERAL USURPED PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORITY AND TOOK CONTROL WITH THE HELP OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES---A TREASONIOUS STUNT IF THERE EVER WAS ONE. TAKE THE FOOL ON THE HILL OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE BEFORE HE DAMAGES AMERICA MORE THEN IT CURRENTLY IS.

    • Hard to believe that we have340,000,000 people in this country just sitting around helplessly watching all the destruction.   And damned near every day there is more.

      What's wrong with us?

    • Lack of leadership... willing to organize and mobilize the people... lack of sufficient funding and moral courage to take on big government.  We no longer have men like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin who pledged their honor, lives and PERSONAL FORTUNES to the cause of liberty...These men were guilty of high treason and their lives and fortunes were forfeit if the revolution failed... we simply don't have such men today.

      Why?  Our society and its social institutions, the CHURCH, and communities are not cut from the same moral cloth as our founding fathers... the people have become dependents of the Federal Government and they fear what may happen if they are expected to provide for their families on their own... The Church has abandoned its moral compass and embraced a corrupt social order... compromising the very soul of our Christian nation. Most of our Children barely know God and are unaware of His moral compass for life. America is an apostate nation.. far removed from the moral character that motivated our founding fathers.

  • The 48% can only be lowered through the concentrated daily efforts physically and monetarily to replace the Progressive Socialist Democrats in All Sanctuary States with Those Who Follow The Laws of Our Nation! This stops All Illegal Aliens from the ability to "Vote!" Without "Vote", they do not " Ride in the Wagon!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    We would do  very well to revisit all  OUR FOREFATHERS' GUIDANCE.  

    Too many have strayed from the wisdom of those that MADE THE USA GREAT.


    • The invasion of illegals, resulting from corrupt policies that award lawlessness in exchange for political support, will seal the deal, put the lid on the coffin, and our nation will be no more. America is being erased entirely, just as the statues of our past, our own history are even now being torn down.

      Our once great Military is now led by disgusting liars, who openly support a treasonous criminal as Commander in Chief, having no sense of decency, or honor left in their diseased minds.

      Look at the results of a Joe Biden led executive branch in only a few months. The "fruit" of this corrupt individual.  And his gang of blowhards. Incomes, fuel prices, inflated prices, hordes of illegals, crime, division, mistrust, public safety, law enforcement, all of it negative in its affect on America.  And on the entire planet for that matter.  Just Look at what this guy has "Accomplished!"

      Under this , this career politician who has never done a worthwhile thing for America but live fat on her dime, under his command bailed out of Afghanistan like a chickenshit third world gang of cowards, leaving weapons, citizens, and allies behind like so much dirt, and then have the " Quality of Leadership" to proudly proclaim that it was a great victory.  That America is "Back".

      Meanwhile, the cream of America, our youth, our future, stares at their flat boardlike "smart" phone all day and night tapping out text messages of bullslhit to one another, not even aware of what is happening to their own country, and their own future.  Oblivious to reality.

      And the adults?  Trump failed. That's what.  And in that thinking, or better a lack of thinking, they too are oblivious to reality.  And these great leaders sure as hell don't have any solutions other than advising some others that they must do something or other, and be pretty damn quick about it too.

      As for me, I don't claim or pretend to be what I am not.  I have a remedy in mind. It starts with fear. And it works wonders when properly appllied.

    • One has to wonder, just how long would it take  the willingly braindead to realize just how big a mistake they made in allowing, enabling the Marxists to take over?

      May it never happen, but they would deserve it.  

      It's the ones that worked to prevent it that concern me.

      Thank you for saying it so perfectly once again,

      Yes, the country is a better place when GOVERNMENT FEARS THE VOTERS.


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