George W. Bush won't support reelection of Trump

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Former President George W. Bush will not support President Trump in his effort to seek reelection this year.

People familiar with his thinking told the New York Times the 43rd president won't back his fellow Republican, who will likely face former Vice President Joe Biden in the general election.

Freddy Ford, a spokesman for Bush, said the former president plans to speak out only on policy issues.

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  • Now that leaves Putin the only international friend of the Republicans right?  In 2016 he was the only international leader who said he wants Trump to win...


    Nice "DANCING" :)

  • Bush is a Goebbelist. Fahke him!

  • I don't need to question why Bush and Romney... why the globalist support Bidden... they are all cut from the same cloth, only some have just recently been exposed as the frauds they were... talk about betrayal... the entire Bush legacy is one of betrayal.  Look at the picture... see the truth in their smiles and close comradeship... 

  • Voted for Bush, but I have to say that he made a frigging mess of Iraq.  Iraq is now worse off than it was with the tyrant Saddam leading the country and open the door for ISIS to grow and gain more power.  I was there in 2004-2005 and again in 2010-2013 and my Iraqi friends are still struggling.  He and his family are also big on the New World Order (remember Bush senior talking about the New World Order) so of course he does not like what Trump is doing. 

  • Every since Reagan,America was rotted by bad Presidents until President Trump. It is no wonder why DNC and most GOP will burn the country down to get Trump. The left,BTW,does not EVER go after their own.

  • Don't want any of Bush's BS......these 3 occupied 24 years of our lives and helped this nation head toward bankruptcy, terrorism, unsecured borders, loss of our manufacturing base, trade imbalances and expansion of dependency programs.  IT'S NOT SURPRISING THAT THEY ALL HATE TRUMP, BECAUSE TRUMP IS EXPOSING AND UNDOING THE MASSIVE HARM THESE 3 DID TO THE UNITED STATES.  WHEN WE SAW OLD BUSH CHUMMING IT UP WITH CLINTON WHO BEAT HIM.......I KNEW THE COLLUSION WAS MUCH WORSE.  The Bush family are fake republicans, they border too much in favor of China, Russia, globalism.  Young Bush did not fix the borders or immigration, he allowed too much Mexican and Chinese imports.  All of them kissed the ass of the arabs.  Bush is pissed because of how Trump treated his baby brother AWWWWW WAH WAH. Jeb Bush was even weaker with no idea how to handle foreign affairs for the sake of THIS COUNTRY.   Since al these "used to bes" have too much investment in China, Russia's no wonder they hate Trump.  They all fear getting exposed on how they sold out the US by joining CEOs to send factories and jobs overseas and then act like there was no solution.........the rant was......"Americans want cheap goods".......its no longer CHEAP IS IT? It is impossible to believe these 3 are ivy league graduates, and bubba an Oxford puke.  If this is what you get for attending the so called upper end education......WE NEED TO AVOID GRADUATES OF SUCH USELESS INSTITUTIONS. 24 years........and entire generation grew up under these con men.......brainwashed and deluded into some progressive, PC , diversity demanding, reverse racist agenda. 

  •  George If you don't support President Trump then you don't support America!! George W. Bush is an America hating globalist just like his father!!

  • As I've said before, Georgie has lost his ever-lovin' mind.

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