George W. Bush won't support reelection of Trump

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Former President George W. Bush will not support President Trump in his effort to seek reelection this year.

People familiar with his thinking told the New York Times the 43rd president won't back his fellow Republican, who will likely face former Vice President Joe Biden in the general election.

Freddy Ford, a spokesman for Bush, said the former president plans to speak out only on policy issues.

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  • The DNC needs to sanction anyone who will not support the presumptive presidential candidate... including the Bush family.  Let them become Democrats they seem to spend a lot of time on the wrong side of issues and in photo ops with Obama and Hillary.

  • Seems like the story was a lie.  bush hasn't said how he will vote.

    But in an email to the Texas Tribune after the news broke, Freddy Ford, a spokesman for Bush, suggested that the assertion is totally false.

    "This is completely made up," Ford wrote. "He is retired from presidential politics and has not indicated how he will vote."

    George W. Bush spokesman calls NYT article claiming he won't vote for Trump 'completely made up'​​
    Who's telling the truth?

    • Oh, yeah, and like your vote will actually be counted?  Better check the electronic polling machine... lots of people report voting for one candidate only to have their vote recorded for another... Democrat calibration is said to be the problem... it only recognizes votes for Democrats.  So, vote early and vote frequently.. the more you vote the more frequent voter points you rack up... get enough frequent voter points and you win a free trip to Moscow.

    • cP/S  Every vote counts... however, some votes keep on counting and counting and counting until their candidate wins... even when there are more total votes cast than are in the precinct and in some cases the entire county.  Democrats explain such anomalies as automatic voter reparations and affirmative action for past abuses.... others simply call it stealing an election.

  • Like every good Democrat... vote early and vote often... visit your dead father's grave, take a ballot with you, raise the dead on election day after all their vote counts ... and counts and counts.

  • The power of the people is at the voting booth.  Really?  What a myth that is. The people, you and me, we have no power at all. Other than to spout off on the internet. And even that will be taken away soon.

    Look at voting.  The choices are not ours.  They are presented to us in cute little packages. We, the people, vote on "choices" others have made for us.  I voted for Dubyuh in 2000 because I couldn't stand McCain in the primary, and puked over the bag of gas Gore in the general.  Choice?  I had none.  Did you?

    04 was Dub and Kerry.  No choice at all.  Then McCain gets shoved in our face again. McCain and Obama? Really?? Then Romney?? We are gonna take America back?  With Romney???  Yeah, buddie. We have a lot of power, don't we.

    President Trump winning in 2016 was an absolute miracle. A gift. From God.

    If 2020 is left up to we, the people, the result will be horrible. Boxes are filled with votes even now for the count.  Trump is a leader, a good one. How can we keep him for another term?  It won't be easy.

    • Yes, and that's why Biden may win, but I too believe Trump is a miracle, so we will have another 4 years of LUCK to make Trump return our country to we the people... and in my view this is how, unfortunately the US constitution disabled votes by we the people created during Confederacy, and created those "cute little packages".  During the Confederacy congress elected or de-elected the president and we the people elected congress, now every Tom, Dick and Harry elects everyone.

  • Because "Dubya" decided to be a rino dingbat, I became a registered INDEPENDENT voter, in 2006, after voting as a republican for 50 years!  I realized I had only stayed a republican voter, for that long, because I was brought up in a republican household.  "Dawn suddenly came to Marblehead" and I realized there was a lot more out there, than what I was being "spoonfed"!  And "no" I did not vote for a single democrat, with the exception of JFK - - he was the one and only.  But, that was an entirely different era.

  • Considering how bad bush was as president, his not supporting Trump is a positive for Trump.

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