• A few years ago a young white lady was shot and killed by an illegal in San Francisco will this fake president invited her family to the White House or are they the wrong color 

    • No - definiately not - this person was the wrong color.  The people who are not black or Moslim as dirt as far as this administration is concerned.


  • Well the AP report(s) would be safe - they support the terrorists.  After all didn't Traitor Biden invite the criminals family to the White House (which of course he wouldn't do for any police officer's family shot by the criminals!).

  • BLACK on BLACK CRIMES-!!! and they don't see what is it doing to their RACE, same with ABORTIONS- after 100 years, The Democrats plan is working, someone else doing the Dirty Work-!!! LOOK AT HISTORY

  •  Democrats,by their very nature, find a neferious use for ALL things good!! Therefore,Democrats are of the devil. The proof is far beyond a reasonable doubt!!!

  • Parts of these United States have become terrorist war zones, thanks to BLM and Antifa and our idiot president is busy schmoozing it up with China and Russia. Yuck.

  • BLM members shooting at each other for their turf. Keep it going.

  •  They make a hero out of a criminal just because he is black, with a rapp sheet a mile long.

  • And they just stand there! DUMB

  • Story not making sense. People running, walking their dog looking around. Dumb shit.

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