• HE ...  IS...   U-G-L-Y    !!!!!! I bet George floyd ( even now ) looks better than this piece of crap !!!! He needs to be thrown in a deep dungen where nobody has to look at that ugly mug , for his admitted criminal behaviour  !!!   And this world will be a better for it !!!!


    • Absolutely...

      And, the FBI, US Marshalls, and other court officers who refuse to enforce the law need to be fried... Cortez is unlawfully intimidating a sitting federal jury that is a federal felony... a crime.

  • Lock  up Cortez Rice and throw the key away !  He is breaking the law and needs to be threatened himself  !! Lock up the LOW LIFE !!!! The piece of GARBAGE !!!!!!

  • Glad he admitted to this on camera....POS!

  • Valid points J.N.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Gold Chains around his neck and Gold teeth. . . . .   I wonder how many welfare lines he stands in each month or is it better stated ,  , How many drugs has he sold to our children? I've worked for over fifty years and still can't afford gold necklaces, let alone GOLD TEETH! ! ! !

    • This sack of crap needs to be arrested by the FBI and thrown in a dungeon!  Please throw away the key!


    • This Welfare recipient is probably breaking the law... with all that gold he likely has assets that exceed the amount most states allow welfare recipients to own... If he were in Missouri his welfare would be cut off until he sold the Gold or hid it and lied about having it... another felony called welfare fraud.

  • All George Floyd ever did was to add to the Welfare Roles and Cost the Taxpayers Money, no matter what color he was!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Right you are, Lynn.

      A violent male, hardly a man though; with poor impulse control & a penchant for taking what was not his.

      Humanity lost nothing with his passing from the scene; but America lost yet another bit of our national innocence when evil people with evil intent used Floyd's name to incite riot & racial animus.

      The eagerly complicit media stoked the flames of racial hatred... The time is coming when evil gets its harsh reward.

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