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Former President George W. Bush is lobbying House and Senate Republicans to work with President Joe Biden on amnesty for illegal aliens.

In an interview with the Dispatch Podcast, Bush said Biden and Republicans ought to strike a deal to provide amnesty, at the least, to illegal aliens enrolled in or eligible for former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“I think piecemeal probably makes sense and I think the president, if I could be so bold, is calling Republicans like-minded and saying ‘Let’s see if we can get something done,'” Bush said.

“Comprehensive may be too big of a reach right now,” Bush continued. “Like if they can get DACA done with some kind of border enhancement, you know plans to give Republicans comfort in voting for the bill, then all of the sudden there’s confidence to be gained.”

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  • Ask Bush if BLM and Antifa terrorize for compassion 

  • bush is a deep state globalist who wants a seat at the new world order global dictatorship..  I wouldn't spit on him if he was on fire.  Might give him some gasoline

  • Crawl back in the bottle, and STFU!

  • Bush is a traitor - always was, always will be.

  • Bush is a swamp creature.  The family is still mad that Trump cleaned Baby Boy Bush's clock.  He don't care a rip about Texas or this country.  If he did, he would be in step with the people.  There is only one way to have a immigration policy that will work.  1.  Close the border tight.  2. Let ICE find and deport every illegal that has been in this country less than 5 years.  3. Limit the total of immigrants to a certain number every year.  4.  Help the northern triangle countries improve their life.  5.  Wage war, with the apporval and help of Mexico and other nations,  send military forces into central america to destroy the drug trade and the human trafficking.  This can and should be done.  Need to fire Biden.  Hire Trump and have Congress support Trump.  

    • We don't need to give any money to foreign countries and deport every illegal no matter how long they have been here.  I agree with the rest of your ideas.  When I was in the Army we went to war against drug cartels in Mexico and central America!!!!!  I was in the 7th Special Forces Group


    • I agree with most of your ideas...

      I particularly like the idea of engaging Mexico in a joint venture to eliminate the drug cartels and human trafficking being sponsored by foreign governments in Central and South America... limited war should be declared and the target states offered the opportunity to join to clear out their criminal elements ... and too developed their economies in ways that make them self-supporting.  Until we address the underlying poverty and social problems in the Central and South American States we will always have illegals attempting to enter the USA.

      I like the Monroe Doctrine... only in the form of social and economic expansionism... It appears that we are going to be burdened with the poor and indigent masses of our Southern neighbors whether we like it or not. The easiest way to deal with such social distress is through economic and limited military intervention... economic reforms including, labor, land, and commercial business reforms and support.  Joint ventures with private enterprises and local businesses without the corruption of third-world dictators and the communist government would go a long way to stabilizing our Southern Border. 

  • The Bushes have always been in bed with the Deep State and should be at Gitmo

  • How many times must the public cry out NO AMNESTY... before the bastards in Washington understand NO, means No.   The illegal aliens arriving at our Southern border are, for the better part, uneducated, ill-equipped, indigents, rejected by their own government and cultures.  They bring nothing with them other than the seeds of Marxism and chaos. Most of them are unable to speak English, many have serious medical and mental issues and very few have the skills to make an honest, productive, living in the USA without lots of government and private 3rd party assistance.  Many of the so-called 'Children' are male problem adolescents who after fomenting social upheaval in their own country are sent by their government to the USA.  We can only expect more of the same under the current administration..

    I have no sympathy for illegal aliens who have avoided deportation with the help of the new world order, and seditionist in the Government...   We don't give amnesty or commute the sentences for domestic criminals and repeat offenders are not welcomed in our communities as productive citizens... neither should the criminal elements who have entered the USA illegally.  Attorneys and politicians who defend this conduct need to be DISBARRED not paid by our government to assist more criminal conduct.... politician's who work to permit these miscreants of justice to remain in the USA should be charged with Human Trafficking, aiding and abetting Drug Cartels, and other criminal activities... they should not be lauded for their inclusiveness and compassion.

    Is it compassion to embrace the Drug Cartels, or the sex traffickers... maybe these politicians think it wise to invite disease and the indigent of the third world to eat at the Public trough at the tax payers expense... permitting Tyson, Walmart, Amazon, and others access to a cesspool of labor, and those willing to accept their substandard wages and benefits

    • They don't care what We the People say, think, or want!!!!!!!!!!


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