• General Flynn, We need a General, a Leader to recover our nation's honor, and call Americans into the streets of America to hold those responsible for corrupting our election. Please help us.

    • I would love to see General Flynn exonerated and then Trump put him back to work!

    • We need Gan Flynn to be a General for the people, organizing us into a fighting force that's going to be needed to defeat socialism/communism in our beloved country...

    • Jo, me too, We the People need him

  • Jail time, Jail time, Jail time.

    • Jeff, not jail, GALLOWS!!!!!

    • if not jail then what?

    • Jeff, the gallows.  TREASON is a hanging offense and many qualify, almost, if not all, devildemocommiecrats and the gop establishment

    • So be it when is it going to happen.

    • Or firing squad!

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