• Coin toss!


  • I am of course being sarcastic tonite... Obama has no citizenship as we all KNOW...of our treasured country.. Obama has no AMERICAN RIGHTS... PERIOD...!

  • String him up when the President moves forward with the 14th amendment..!

  • The first ever modern Progressive Socialist ( and closet Marxist Muslim) has demonstrated why aversion to those like him being in office, served the Nation well; until him. Frankly, his two terms demonstrating World-wide, the Nations divestiture of any shred of historical race stain was not worth it. The Progressives still hypocritically race-baited like it never happened. So no respect or inclusion for these jerks here. They are not Americans, as much as they are enemies of the Republic.

  • Definitely the ugliest president we've ever had!!

  • fuhrer obama and everyone in his regime should be hanged for TREASON!!!!!  He has been undermining President Trump every day since he took office.  Devildemocommiecrats are the sore losers, they can't stand We the People having a choice as to who runs the government.  Vote FRAUD is rampant, as bad as anything Soviet citizens saw under stalin!!!!!

  • I'm sick and tired of Obama's communist babbling. There's a reason why people chose Trump. This is the promised land and we don't need that commie to lecture us about what we should think or do. I will fight and die for this great nation and our freedoms. Bring it on antifa/blm.

    • ME TOO!!

    • Me three. AND - I am sick of so many people believing he was President. He was not, being a foreign national communist moslem who hates us and was pushed into our White House to finish destroying our country.


    • The biggest fake story in our history! Obama was NOT "BLACK"  He was 1/2 caucasion, 1/4 negro,1/4 arib Muslim born outside the US and flown to Hawie where he got a Non Hospital birth certificate.  Go figure 

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