• Me three. AND - I am sick of so many people believing he was President. He was not, being a foreign national communist moslem who hates us and was pushed into our White House to finish destroying our country.


    • The biggest fake story in our history! Obama was NOT "BLACK"  He was 1/2 caucasion, 1/4 negro,1/4 arib Muslim born outside the US and flown to Hawie where he got a Non Hospital birth certificate.  Go figure 

    • Yes, you got that right! And his school document when he was Barry Soetoro states his citizenship as Indonesian!

      A fraud all the way around!

    • the American people who voted for Obama was being deceived over and over again.


    • And, as we all remember, he was "enabled" by none other than the commie skank, who holds the Speaker's gavel; she claimed she "vetted" him and he was eligible to run for election.  Being the  un-American trollop she is, she lied and "swore" to the lie.  She is another candidate for a treason trial and a hemp noose.  PRAY HARDER!!!

    • June, you are correct.  fuhrer obama WAS NOT eligible and they knew it but overthrowing the republic is their goal.  camel face isn't eligible either and they know it.  the gop deep state knows it too!!!!!

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