• Gen McKenzie must be stripped of his rank and face a Court Marshal for leaving Americans behind. He is a disgrace to American and the uniform. How the hell did he ever get rank to begin with?

  • He is a coward and idiot must be removed take his stars away and put him the iron cross 

  • He a war criminal. 

  • So-called Gen McKenzie must be held as one of those responsible for leaving Americans behind. He should be Court Marshaled and have his rank stripped from him. Biden must be removed from office for destroying America.

  • This ass needs to be REMOVED

    • Totally agree!


  • Disgraceful... they won't use the term HOSTAGES or Victims, or ABANDONED CITIZENS... look for the hostages to be blamed for not making it to the airport.  Need I remind everyone that Afghanistan is a state that is as large as TEXAS and that many of these military contractors were operating hundreds of miles from Bagram Airport.  No matter how the left spins this the contractors were abandoned, left behind, and are now hostages of the Taliban.

    We can also bet that their numbers will never be fully accounted for... We will never know how many were left behind ... all though we have very good records on their numbers and where they were located when abandoned.  Non-Military contractors, media, missionaries, and others are also trapped and likely hostages... most should have been registered as in-country with the local US Embassy and the Kabul Afghan government.  One doesn't go to Afghanistan without being logged in and out of the Country... unless they enter illegally.

  • Dems sure can pick 'em. Traitors I mean. Meanwhile chase bank canceled General Flynn's credit cards because they don't like him. 



    • Good. I hope many follow suit. 

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