• Paul, the deep state won't allow that to happen.  We can't trust the gop at all.  There are very few republicans We the People can trust, most of them are enemies of liberty!!!!!

    • It would be great if Trump would keep running for president every four years provided election integrity is fully restored and the illegal 22nd amendment removed from our constitution.

  • I'm getting information that Trump will remain president for 4 more years. Also, that Antifa was the white house intruders. Also that the angry Antifa mob included special ops officers that took Pelosi's computer and now they want a quick impeachment of him. Cover up the crime they found I guess.

  •  Let patience have its perfect works... that we may also be perfect... It appears that the President is indeed in charge and drawing out his Enemies and repositioning his forces to take them captive in a major sting operation... this is exactly what is necessary.

    It is a little upsetting to find Canada has evidently allowed Chinese Troops to occupy parts of the nation and that Mexico is involved... both of those countries need to be dealt with as soon as possible... once we secure our own nation from its internal insurrection.  

    This information is very reassuring and timely... we shall know for sure what is going on in the next few days... My gut tells me it is 99% certain... inform your families and friends prepare for at least a month of communications chaos and if you live in a major Democrat-controlled city or zone... get out if you can or arm up and stay off the streets... coordinate with your neighbors and friends to defend your neighborhood, family and friends if necessary.  Get a secondary power source... solar or generator if you can.  Stock up on water.


    Warning: We have received this info yet we ask all of you to discern and take it to the Lord. There is a lot of disinfo right now. We do have faith i…
  • Yes Sir General Flynn...he is up on the Constitution and the laws of The United States.                                                             We also agree with Norma Jean Demyen and the rest of the people on this thread. They are up on things.

  • I believe What Flynn has said.  Biden has been paid by CCP for 40 years...he's a crook and should never be allowed to be president.  I believe Biden is also under investigation and you cannot hold the office of the President if you are under any kind of investigation.  Things sure don't add up with Biden being able to be president.  The original Constitution sates inauguration date is I believe March 4, not Jan. 20.  Biden maybe put into office, but don't think he will last long before he is arrested and all the Deep State along with him.  

  • I'm so very glad he was pardoned by Trump

  • Gen Flynn is a true patriot who knows what's up. He admitted to lying to the deep state FBI because he knows that the FBI isn't legit.

    • They threatened his family, confessed(lied)and had to reveal all the tllegal activities(crimes) he new about. that is why Sullivan would not dismiss his case. Flynn knows where the bodies are buried.

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