The FOX 5 I-Team has learned that the ongoing GBI criminal investigation of Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has widened.

The Georgia Attorney General has now asked the GBI to investigate grand jury subpoenas issued by Howard's office in the Rayshard Brooks murder case.

Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell says those grand jury subpoenas were issued by Howard’s office even though there was no grand jury in place.

In the aftermath of the deadly shooting of Rayshard Brooks at Wendy's restaurant, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard flew through the evidence to quickly file charges against Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan.

But, the I-Team has learned there was more to Howard's investigation. We obtained a copy of a Grand Jury subpoena, sent from Howard's office to the Atlanta Police department isntructing them to turn over its "open investigation regarding Garrett Rolfe and the use of force incident."

The subpoena required that the documents be turned over for the "Grand Jury, June/July term on the of 14th day of July." Other grand jury subpoenas were issued for phone and surveillance camera videos.

But there is a problem. How can the grand jury issue these subpoenas when there is no grand jury. It had been suspended on March 13 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, legal experts we've talked to say Howard's grand jury subpoena with no grand jury in session could be an ethical or possibly criminal issue.

What are we doing? That is a violation of our ethical code of conduct," says GSU law professor Jessica Gable Cino

Gable Cino is a law professor who specializes in prosecutorial misconduct. She says not only does Paul Howard face ethical questions, but potentially legal problems as well.

"It would be a violation of criminal law to make a knowingly false statement or misrepresentation in the subpoena which is a document that has been issued," says Gable Cino.

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  • We've been living under delusional state of mind for the past 8 years and that's the result of it.

  • fire the jerk

  • Typical behavior of a black corrupt, cop hating person.  Fire his ass!

  •  Paul Howard needs to be fired. The cop fired in self defence. Watch the video in slow motion Paul Howard. 

  • Can we say racism. 

  • There was a video of this incident released shortly after it happened. It showed the officer calmly questioning Mr. Brooks. After agreeing to a breatherlizer test, he was found to be intoxicated. He was told they were going to take him to the station since he failed the test and they could not let him drive. At this point the he started to resist and the officers were asking him not to fight them. That is when he tracked one officer and stole his tazer and ran away. The officers were shouting for him to stop when he turned and fired at them, the officer fire,  killing Brooks. Now if Brooks had hit them with the tazer it would have parlized them long enough for him to come back, take one of their service gun and shot both officers, this shooting was self defense. DA Howard has rushed to judgement and is wearing blinders to boot...


  • Glad to see that someone is taking steps to catch these corrupt Democrats in the act. Too many get away with too much for too long

  • More evil, it just keeps coming. At least it is being exposed. 

  • It is just a matter of time until they nail these criminals.

  • Cop hating D.A.

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