• Another ANTIFA ass kisser

    • Of course, he is a devildemocommiecrat, a minion of satan!!!!!!!!!!

  • Any butthole that attacks buildings....any building....anyone's property...including mine a criminal and domestic terrorist.  Oh no says an attorney...what if it was his property???  Arrogant 

    What we put up with in this country is absurd.

    • if they attack my house I will call Anton Kalashnikov not an attorney!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL good one.

  • according to satanic devildemocommiecrats only patriots can be "domestic terroriasts!!!!!

  • Another brain dead politician.

  • Is he nuots?  He wants to be Attorney General?  This little pansy?????  Come on folks, you can do better!!!

    • Edie, this is what devildemocommiecrats want, a puke that will pander to leftist punks.  And they want to disband the police and disarm We the People so we will be defenseless at the hands of their thug terrorists!!!!!!!!!!

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