• Have no fear - the authorities know who made the threat.  But it is another de'mock'rat so they won't do anything about it.

    • Thanks Martha.


  • Corrupt DOJ

  • And some claim to speak directly with God, while others play phone tag with aliens. Without verification, it still remains political pandering, regardless of affiliation.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Unless it happened only in his head or someone whispered into his ear, there must be something, a text, a note, a voicemail, someone holding a sign.......

      I can't get audio on these for some I have no idea what is on this video

  • This is absolutely atrocious! I don't care what your party is, regardless you should have the proper enforcement of law and physical protection when a threat is posed against any member of our government. When did we lose all sense of basic human decency in this country? Yes, I think I know the answer to my question but it still needed to be asked. 

  • Has anyone checked to assure it just wasn't his Mother complaining about his "Dirty Room?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • DISGRACEFUL!  We are very upset with what is going on in congress



  • I've known that fact for years; it's just getting worse now because the leftist commies have become more brazen.

    • Yes, the double standard as well as the removed blindfold from Lady Justice and clear to see. Our country is occupied by an anti-American authority. Nothing is conducted in a Constitutional way. It's difficult to recognize the USA these days. Defense and protections have been stripped from the people who actually are Americans. They are now going to the lowest in the trash barrel of society. 

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