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  • I understand courts as well as lawyers are intimidated by the left.  However, better we stand up for our freedms than living within a Communist structured government.  Bless your heart, Jody Rice.  May other members of Congress have the guts to follow your incredible courage.  Merry Christmas, Jacque Heebner

  • We The People need to take our country back from the politicians...the communist left and Rhino GOP have gone to great lengths to steal this election. Enough is enough. Regardless of who is on the podium come January 20th, we need to start a new party, the American party. President Trump is the people's president who had to fight the entire political machine to get elected. We cannot let him down, he never let us down!

  • You go girl, you've got all of Trump's supporters watching your back.  Get it done!

  • Good maybe we can overturn this injustice 

    • NO MAYBE! We HAVE to take our country back to the PEOPLE. NOT Dumbacrats/Republicans/Chinese or what ever that are destroying our country now.

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