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  • Folks, Trump won Georgia, he will win Pennsylvannia, Michican, and Nevda.  He might have winof the states?  We need to get ready for a civil war.  The Democratis's will burn down our cities when this is over truned if we let them. 

    • Russ, the Plan "B" mayhem is already worked out. It is a matter for the Government to decide the immediate response of a Trump victory.

    • Agree and I am ready for war in fact we are at war any way


    • you can say that again and it's going to get ugly.

  • that should tell anyone that there was fraud going on during the election.

  • The Twit says:  “This claim about election fraud is disputed”

    Of course this unregulated/protected from lawsuit source of faulty information says this!  Should anyone be surprised?

    Disregard sworn affidavits sworn by under penalty of perjury by hundreds of witnesses.

    One claimant immune, the others subject to criminal charges.  

    Who should be taken seriously?

  • Would someone send this video to AG Barr.

    • Why did you not send it yourself?

    • He will manage to misplace his reading glasses, no doubt.

  • Who would you believe here? Some volunteer people doing their civic duty at night or your lying eyes?

This reply was deleted.