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  • It's a civil war or give your freedom to a socialist government 

    • it's going to be a civil war.


  • This is total cheating. They should invalidate Georgia from the election

  • The problem is Mike that me and most of us can't trust the Goverment to do their job?  I'm afraid now that the Supreme Court won't overturn this due to the threat of Civil War?  My question is to everyone:  Should the Supreme Court overturn it, Or have a revote in the States in Question?

    • To the extent a retention of valid vote totals for the electors should be preferred, that is first choice. 

      If a state total cannot be redeemed by extraction of invalid vote counts for certifcation, then if by few states, that states votes are decertified, but the other states totals continued with.

      If too many state totals are decertified to reach a the 270 minimum electoral college win, then the House vote ought to be held for the Presidency.

      SCOTUS is only an advisory to the constitutionality of legislation, or statute as performed by the Executive. So if they buy onto decertification with an insufficient total, then it indicates a House vote.

      I tried to avoid saying it, but that is the way it seems to me. Cock your ears for the thunderous hooves of dissaprovers approaching.

    • Yeah, I know.

      [DIGRESSION ALERT] In the movie Cleopatra, the Rex Harrison character Julius Ceasar says to Cleopatra that he has been too long away from Rome, and needs to sweep away the cobwebs that formed. And you know what happens if you don't. [DIGRESSION END]

      We the People have been far too trusting in our governments, being untrustworthy servants, and have not been sweeping the cobwebs away. Particularly the CIA webs of intrigue.

      So we own it. Now what to do about it?

    • now it's time not to trust the government.

    • Either option works for me Russ.  But a revote by the States in question work be a much cleaner and less messy option.  But there have to be stringent safe guards in place to protect a legitimate outcome or we'll just have more or the same.

    • That's easy! Make ALL the state workers LEAVE and replace them with the military! Most of them can be trusted to be unbiased and fair. Just to be sure, have cameras AND watchers to keep a sharp eye on the counting!

  • The red disclaimer about the content of the video is surgically used for a prejudiced agenda.

    The disclaimer has less veracity than a used car salesman endorsement.

    Its bias is now assumed, and is prudently to be ignored.

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