• Since the Africans think that racism is so prevalent in America then why are they still here and not in their homeland of Africa where they belong!!

    • Pay back for the crime that our generation had nothing to do with. There are slaves to this day all over the world. Fact is, in 1619 or whenever they were brought here, they were sold off by rival tribes. They're own people. They have no one to blame but themselves. Now if they aren't civilized enough to function in our society. They are welcome to go back to dancing around a fire in Africa.

    • You are so right!! I agree!!

    • I'll go a step further. They should thank us for educating and freeing them from slavery. They were taught in European disciplines and given access to the world of knowledge after being freed. Don't thank me.thats what civil people do.

  • I agree we do have a lot of problems and this racist ahole and others like him are the main reasons.

  • I'd be happy to buy him a 1 way ticket to the promised land (Africa) I know he would love to live in a mud hut. Take smily face jackson with you too. Georgia still has the same vote counting machines in use for this senate race. That is a slap in the face to REAL AMERICANS !

    • They didn't give up the fraud machines?

    • And I will donate my time to help the jerk pack and drive him to the nearest airport, also free of charge.@

  • The only racist I can see are the rioting black lives matter jerks. They manufactured this crisis but they won't prevail.

  • Libtards want us to believe that there is racism in the US. They called out Trump for his supposed racism evne so Trump is the least racist president in the history of the United States. That's all you need to know about racism and libtards.

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