• This guy has a marxist friendly background. You do not want him working with Schumer and possibly Biden to "transform America".

  • yes, racism is a problem, and he is it, spewing racist hatred!!!!!

  • Obama stirred up and started ALL this racism BS. He should be run out of the country

    • He's still at it. He seems to think he has free reign now that Biden is around. Gloating about how 70+ million of us are racist. I'm sick of his racist attitude. Go sell your book of hate.

  • A democrat babies first words are not; Momma, or Daddah, but RACIST!!!!

  • Fine. Leave...

  • If all else fails, always resort to accusations of racism ... predictable ... clear indicator that the speaker has nothing else. Btw, were the black elders in Africa racist complitors for selling young blacks to plantation owners?

  • I'm sick and tired of this idiots calling us racist they are the racist because all things got to be their way. America is a free country if you don't like it packed your begs and go to another country.

  • "Racism is Americas' pre-existing condition" ?

    So a black man dressed in a suit, lectures at a podium to a public social gathering of his peers, that this society has continuing collective culpability, a pre-existing condition of discriminatory oppressive racism.

    Why must American elections be reduced to an exercise in, "How stupidly can we choose to vote"?

  • this so called man of god says that white people are incurably evil. so does he mean that jesus didn't die for white peope and can white peope go to heaven

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