• I am glad that the recount has happened and it will be a HAND RECOUNT AND AN AUDIT!!  If it does what I think it will do is if there is a lot of fraud having taken place which I know there was....when they remove the illegal ballots maybe it will be possible that Perdue will be back over the 50.0% level and will not need a runoff?  Both the GOP candidates still need our help and take nouthing for granted.  What is this news about Abrams?  Not our great General Abrams.  Also what is the funny business about Phizer releasing the news about the vaccine ONE day after biden was "declared" the president elect?  Biden also new about this during election day BEFORE the HHS?  I feel that China again was behind this....Biden is in bed with everyone and anyone....for a price.


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  • Any and all evidence of voter fraud in Georgia is gone by now. Lots of luck with a recount of fradulent votes.

  • All you have to show is how many registers voters each state has and how many votes were counted on each state then just remove the different amount of votes from Biden and you will get a shocking total but The Attorney General must get involved because the media,Facebook and Twitter are covering the fraud election 

  • Georgia will be the first state to come to our side. I bet you all states including California would be on Trump's side if only legal votes were counted. Trump enjoys the support of 70-80% of Americans, but it's not reflected in the rigged election.

    • ADMIN

      Georgia has been red for several years now. 

    • Clifornia lost more seats to republicans too. MORE eveidence that the left STOLE THE ELECTION.

      They said they would steal it in their language ,Orwellian Democrat lie speak too! I heard them. Now the FASCISTS are making lists!!!

      History says that doesn't end well!!!


  • That is the mark of a true leader. To face the establishment head on and exposed all crimes against US citizens. Recount every ballot and dispose the fraudulent ones. Long live president Trump!

  • Unfortunately it took too long to get to this point and the Dems have already fixed their mistakes. I'm sure the Dems have destroyed, moved, and or fixed the mistakes they made to ensure Biden wins.  Republicans move to slow  demand to little, and do not have enough financial backing to stop the Dems momentum.  Heck. Pelosi said a week before the election that Biden was going to win regardless of the count.

    • She couldn't help it. Projection is their nature and lying their language.

      And then ther's this,  Joe Biden Brags About Having “Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization”

      When a Democrat slips and tells the truth,BELIEVE THEM!

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