• Death threats seem to work well for the Democrats. Just saying.

  • Unfortunately, most of my tax dollars go to schools. I AM GOING TO THE MEETINGS FROM NOW ON. 

  • Very reason we homeschooled our boys!

  • Contact your state reps and demand the closing of public schools. School choice may be the solution to end this mess.

  • i wonder if any school board member has ever belonged to nambla

  • It is great to see parents stepping up.  Just wish more would do the same.   The time is now we win or lose depending on the stance we take.  


    • Walt...

      Parents have been 'stepping up' for decades... with only marginal effect.  The only way the school board will reform is if the parents are given school vouchers for their full tuition and allowed to choose where they send their children to school... public, private, or parochial schools. 

      Local school boards and teacher's unions hold parents in contempt... they even conduct seminars on how to deal with irate parents. They actually have a manual on how to deal with irate parents...  designed to discredit, embarrass and otherwise minimize parental participation in school policy deciisons.  Active participation by Conservative and Christian Parents in Public School forums is discouraged and controlled.. up to and including open attacks on parents credibility, belief systems. 

      The single parent is powerless... as are even well-organized groups of concerned parents.  They rarely manage concession from Schools and then only temporary ones.... as the school administration and board are not to be trusted to live by their agreements.  Parents and their associations find it necessary to be extremely vigilant in their oversight; as, the disingenuous Administration and Boards often engage in rouses to put the parents and their groups off... while retaining and even expanding the offending policy or curriculum. 

  • Love these videos...but....what's with the loud back-ground music? Sooooo distracting.  jc

  • Close ALL public schools

  • It is confounding to me why parents are reluctant to step up and tackle the morons in charge.

    My daughter was in the 4th grade.   Had straight As.  A report card came home iwth a C in math.   An A to a C in a marking period was a flag to me.   I went to school the nest day.  The teacher asked why was I there.   She said a C is an acceptable grade.   I said that if that was the capability level of the student it was acceptable, however, this girl was getting straight
    As all the time.   She was clearly capable.  I asked her if I was to wait til she failed.  I asked if she needed a tutor to get over a rough spot.   I hired the teacher to tutor for a short period.   She did so and the grades returned to A.   Teacher said she didn't need more tutoring.

    I believe it was sloppy grading from the getgo.

    Shelley was in the high honors class for most of her classes.   She was in the middle of the high honors group, not super gifted, just intelligent and she worked for her grades.

    iImho, that's what parents are supposed to do.   Maybe there would be less failures and dropouts if parents did their job and stood up when things are not right.

    I'd be sitting on the Superintendent's desk til the right answers were provided on this one.

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