Friday Executive News Summary

Friday Executive News Summary

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Government & Politics
  • What attacks, and by whom? Senate passes anti-Asian hate crimes bill (Axios)

  • House passes bill to make DC the 51st state generate more Democrat congressional seats (Daily Caller)

  • GOP senators unveil $568 billion infrastructure counteroffer (CBS News) | But naturally, spendthrift Democrats are unimpressed (Roll Call)

  • Good call: Tim Scott to deliver Republican rebuttal to socialist/scumbag/liar-Biden’s congressional address (Axios)

National Security
  • GOP baseball shooting survivors rip “suicide by cop” whitewash, make appeal to FBI (Fox News)

  • Useless UN elects women’s rights abuser Iran to women’s rights commission (Free Beacon)

  • Chinese Communist Party tied to new hack attacks targeting U.S. government (Axios)

  • UK Parliament wisely declares China’s treatment of Uyghurs to be genocide (Axios)

  • Russia orders troops to withdraw from Ukraine border after buildup that alarmed West (NBC News)

Around the Nation
  • Who incited this insurrection? BLM storms into Oklahoma Capitol (Daily Caller)

  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer lied about interstate traveling (Fox News)

  • Discrimination: Minneapolis’s George Floyd Square gives particular instructions for whites (Examiner)

  • Preliminary data show no safety concerns for pregnant women receiving COVID vaccines (AAP News)

  • California’s public universities to require COVID-19 vaccinations for fall term (UPI)

Closing Arguments
    • Policy: Standing against Critical Race Theory (American Mind)

    • Policy: The Pentagon can’t afford to go green at warfighters’ expense (Daily Signal)

    • Humor: hanoi-John Kerry proposes tax on breathing to fight climate change (Genesius Times)  

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