Friday Executive News Summary

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C'mon, Man!
  • Making America energy dependent again: socalist/scumbag/liar-Joe Biden pauses federal drilling program (Reuters) | GOP and unions unite to condemn socalist/scumbag/liar-Biden unilaterally blocking pipeline project (Fox Business)

  • “The socalist/scumbag/liar-Biden presidency is very anti-Brexit”: socalist/scumbag/liar-Biden removes Winston Churchill bust (Examiner)

  • “We have bigger things to worry about”: Press secretary shrugs off question about hypocrite socalist/scumbag/liar-Biden breaking mask rules (Post Millennial)

Government & Politics
  • House to send Trump impeachment article on Monday (AP) | Trump hires attorney Butch Bowers to represent him at trial (Forbes)

  • Hunter inquiry looms large as socalist/scumbag/liar- Biden pledge prevents “improper interference” with DOJ investigations (Examiner)

  • Democrats slap Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley with ethics complaint over Capitol mob (Examiner)

  • Unity! commie-Bernie Sanders dismisses meeting in “the middle” with Republicans (Newsweek)

  • Senate confirms Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the first black Pentagon chief (Fox News)

Big Tech & Media
  • “Not a close call”: Parler loses bid to require Amazon to restore service (Reuters)

And it’s no wonder: Based on the terms of service not just of Amazon but of many other Internet-based service providers, these companies can literally cancel you for any reason whatsoever.

  • Here’s why Parler is still struggling to come back online (Fast Company)

  • Policing free speech but not actual crimes? Twitter faces lawsuit for refusal to remove child porn (Disrn)

  • Media trust deservedly hits new low (Axios)

  • Google threatens to pull out of Australia over plan to make it pay for news (Time)

National Security
  • “We feel incredibly betrayed”: Thousands of Guardsmen forced to vacate the Capitol (Politico)

  • socalist/scumbag/liar-Biden to keep Christopher Wray on as FBI director (NBC News)

Odds & Ends
  • U.S. sees five-fold increase in methamphetamine overdose deaths from 2011 to 2018 (UPI)

  • Missouri diversity session tells teachers “colorblindness,” “all lives matter” are forms of white supremacy (Fox News)

Stranger Than FictionClosing Arguments
    • Policy: Raising the minimum wage won’t stimulate the economy, but it will stimulate Democrat interest groups (City Journal)

    • Policy: Don’t rush to failure on Iran nuclear negotiations (Daily Signal)

    • Humor: socalist/scumbag/liar-Biden wins Nobel Prize in all six categories for his incredible first day as president (Babylon Bee)  

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