Freedom of The Press Weaponized.pdf

The first page of the attached document contains a copy of a letter I sent to the Editors of newspapers on succeeding pages; which shows letters to those Editors from citizens favoring Democrats. My letter favoring Republicans has not been published, even though I sent it over two weeks ago. The letter as shown, was sent to the Thomasville GA  Times Enterprise, because the number of words were not specifically limited. The others received a smaller version due to word limitation. Executives of those newspapers have effectively weaponized freedom of the press to censor/thawart freedom of speech when it conflicts with their political bias/agenda. As I wrote in a message to Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, "Having served served 29 years and eight months in the US Army, protecting this nation’s freedom of speech and freedom of the press; gives me and all Warriors, who are serving or are have served, the right and obligation to call out, and pursue holding media executives accountable who dare to weaponize freedom of the press to undermine or outright censor/thwart citizens' freedom of speech when it conflict with their political bias/agenda. Such behavior is a major reason this nation is divided and on the brink of ruin at levels not existing since the Civil War".  Notice, not a single letter to Editors of those newspapers wrote anything favoring Republican Party; and they certainly did not backup their opinions with facts from the public domain as I did. God save America January 5, 2021.

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