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  • What a World we now live in, "Shots or Bullets! You're Choice!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I applaud them

  • And some cars that continue to bellow blue/black smoke are simply in need of an engine overhaul! 

    After High School working to earn money to pay for college, MT job was to assist the "Log Scaler" at the Mill. On a Friday morning we were informed of the necessity to work Saturday. He bitched and complained about having to work His Day Off the rest of the day, making himself and me, completely miserable. The last truck of the day rolled in with "No Binders" holding the logs in place, (a minimum of two were required for safety), but the driver was in a hurry to be scaled, unloaded and leave. As he handed me the end of the tape and walked forward next to the load, complaining, the logs shifted, fell, and he was crushed, dying instantly. I've never forgotten the Man who spent His Last Day on Earth, Complaining about a Day that would never come. Some see the Rose, talk of the beauty and remember the scent, while others fear the Thorns, and remind others that pain awaits those who seek.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • "Karen's?" Really? "Karen's?" Whatever happened to you to create such a twisted, mixed up bitter old maid? Life is a "Choice!" One endures the bad and saviors the good. A choice. Blame is the "Tool of Fools and Simpletons."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Oh the beauty of a FREE Country. I call em as I see um.It's called an opinion.

      Most people just want to live their lives in
      people, straight people, black people, brown people, yellow people and
      even white people.  Most women just want to be women who have a few
      choices.  Most men, same deal. The "agenda" is to destroy that.

      b.t.w. i'm neither bitter, old or a female. This is my sisters handle.


  • Too many soy boys and Karens in America. If the masses sat back and allowed things to get this bad and have done nothing so far, Chances are they will voluntarily be lead to their proverbial slaughter. Look at how many elderly died at the hands of serial killer Cuomo. America is controlled by genocidal maniacs bent on our demise. The globalists despise Truth warriors & Heroes for humanity like Ben Carson, Mike Lindell, Clarence Thomas,James Okeefe,Tim Scott, Ron Paul,Thomas Sowell,Mike Adams,David Clark, Stew Peters etc...etc.. They are threatened by them and will stop at nothing to bring them down. The elephant in the room? Who controls MSM, Big Pharma,World Governments,Terrorists,Banks,Social networking sites,Big techs? Hint...hint... it ain't the Goyim!

  • The World has always been divided into two groups, or types of individuals. The "Capitalist Type", who sees a Need then find a way to fill it at a profit/living for himself, and the labourer who negotiates a fee/trade for a task to be completed. Capitalist Types who keep seeking and expanding means of filling Needs at a Profit, often improve their Living Standards. Labourers who develop Special Desired Skill Sets demand higher fees than those with less/lower skill sets. From these qualities/needs came forth Pride of Ownership/Pride of Workmanship. Historically Human Nature being ever present, " Jealousy/Envy raises its head with "Acts of Governments Legislation" in attempts to create pleasing levels of "Playing Fields" for all Three Types if the jealous and envious are included. What once worked now is a muddled confusion. Those with the "Skill Sets" one ways to continue to profit and live comfortably within the chaos. The "Confusers, jealous/envious create Political Parties to support their causes and in roads forcing the " Sharing of Others Wealth!" Those who truly seek support in saving Our Nation, its Constitution and Bill.of Rights, and the, "Great American Experiment" should not seek support from neither those at extreme ends of the Average American, but rather from those among us who for generations have provided for ourselves and ours through our "Skills, Risks, and Minds!" The only Real American.

    Lynn Bryant FeSpain

  • News Note! Our President Biden just announced His Idea of a Consecutive Use. He now uses the same "Toilet Tissue" for both wiping and blowing His nose." However, He still remains confused as in which order to do this procedure." His Wife, the Doctor, is often seen leaving the room screaming! "

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Oh, what an image you just painted in my mind...

      A new meaning for 'brown- noser. '

    • Thank heavens he doesn't try to use both sides........does he?

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