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  • Fox News is becoming a part of the enemy now. They should not critic the press secretary for doing her job.  We are better off watching One American News and Newsmax.   

    • One America News network and Newsmax  is the only news I watch.

    • I miss One American News.  After I moved to Lansing last year, Spectrum doesn't offer it on the basic program menu.

    • get yourself Roque it's free and you have to pay extra for it Roque work on internet if you have internet you are good.

    • Same problem here. OANN was carried by our former provider, Direct TV. Unfortunately, required internet speed for work-at-home forced us to switch to Spectrum. 

  • Look at those clowns! Never question the brains of the media. Fox News "Jumped the Shark" years ago. I can't believe I used to defend it. If you want to know the real war on women, it is these type of misfits who can't stand a woman who is intellectually strong and fights like President Trump. We need to punch these journo swampers right back.

    • Sarah Sanders was great, Kayleigh is awesome!!!

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