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    • When I first heard this, I was very surprised.  I since then have watched from interesting videos as to how transvestites camaflauge the fact they were born male.  The size of the head which she always does crazy things with her hair mostly always pointing out and the size of the shoulders she is always leaning forward to disquise and her wardrope also is used to reduce the size. She is always wearing crazy colored clothes with funny stuff around the waist and neck.  She is really on display and is secretly saying.  LOOK AT ME!!!!  I never thought Mike to be female looking just thought she was big for a girl.  Well it turns out, She isn't even a small man.

    • you are right

    • it's interesting you mentioned Jonah and the whale.

  • WOW!!! The main stream conspiracy news medi acan put out nasty vulgar BS 24/7 and when they are confronted with thier own nastiness they get thier panitis in a wadd?? Go figure!

  • Really! give me a break Fox News beet a brand new face.

  • Dee's headline was a good teaser. It worked. It reeled me in. But, opening the story, my suspicions were confirmed. No surpise-- these four clowns represent the face of Fox's rot infested daytime line up.

    When Bret Baier's producer triggered Judge Jeanine's supension last year, I quit watching "Special Report." When the Murdoch boys hired Donna Brazile, I stopped watching all of "daytime," PERIOD, save for Fox Business. I've since streamlined my viewing to the more palatafble "prime time" hours, where Fox still leads the pack, often by runaway numbers. They're also leading in most daytime segments, but often by precariously shrinking margins. Is it any wonder?

    • You,  my fellow Tea Partier, have hit the proverbial nail on the head.  It is only a matter of time until the murdoch bad "spawn" get rid of Hannity, Ingraham, Janine, and become just like msnbc, cnn, etc. Someone, hopefully will start an American News Channel or how about our forming the Tea Party News Channel? Oh, yeah!

  • Fox News is becoming a part of the enemy now. They should not critic the press secretary for doing her job.  We are better off watching One American News and Newsmax.   

    • One America News network and Newsmax  is the only news I watch.

    • I miss One American News.  After I moved to Lansing last year, Spectrum doesn't offer it on the basic program menu.

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